Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heartiest Congratulation to Dr. Ben Lee on being conferred the PhD-IDM Honoris Causa by Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College, Philippines

Conferment of Doctor of Philosophy in Institutional Development & Management (PhD, IDM) Honoris Causa to Dr. Ben Lee by Sultan Kudarat State College, Tacurong City, Mindanao, Philippines on their Recognition Day, 8 September 2008 at SKPSC Gymnasium.

Conferment of Doctor of Philosophy in Institutional Development & Management honoris causa to Dr Ben Lee by Dr Nelson T. Binag, President of SKPSC.

Group photo of the receipients of the SKPSC PhD Honoris Causa. From left to right:

Dr Ben Lee, President & Founder of EDS Asia Pacific,
Hon. Zenaida P. Hadji Raof-Laidan, Regional Director, DOST 12 and Member, SKPSC Board of Trustee,
Hon. Hadja Sittie (Mariam) Lourdes D. Lim, Regional Director, NEDA 12 & Member, SKPSC Board of Trustee

Acceptance Speech by Dr Ben Lee

Cultural performance by SKPSC students, SKPSC Teatro Kalakat

About Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College


Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College is only in its sixteen years of existence. But it has spent these years strengthening its foundations, learning to educate and serve people, overcoming many challenges, and finally, establishing itself as the premier higher education institution in this part of the country.

It started from the merger of five DECS-supervised high schools in the province and upon its establishment by an act of Congress on December 5, 1990, it started building its physical and curricular foundations by fulfilling its mandate to cater to the educational needs and training requirements of the poor but deserving segment of our society in this province and nearby locality.


FAST-GROWING INSTITUTION: Founded in 1990 by virtue of Republic Act 6973, Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College was born.

FATHERS OF SKPSC: Congressman Estanislao V. Valdez and Senator Edgardo Angara authored RA 6973, which gave birth to the province's finest educational institution.

ONE-OF-A-KIND: The first and only state college in the province of Sultan Kudarat – with the most number of accredited programs (percentage-wise).

UNITED WE STAND: Merged 5 DECS-supervised high schools from municipalities of Isulan, Tacurong, Lutayan, Kalamansig, and Palimbang and became one of the most recognized and respected institutions in the province, both public and private.

THE PIONEER: First and the only, so far, College President Dr. Nelson T. Binag from the province of Isabela (three-termer) serves for a period of more than 16 years now.

HISTORIC BREAKTHROUGH: One hundred percent (100%) of the programs offered in SKPSC that had graduates have been subjected to voluntary accreditation and passed in varying levels by the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) – an unprecedented feat in the history of state colleges in the country considering SKPSC's relatively short length of existence.

GOING GLOBAL: SKPSC won two years in a row the national competition in Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and vied in the World Cup in Barcelona, Spain and competed in the World Cup in Toronto, Canada, where it placed 1st Runner-up in League 8 of the Competition. Aside from this, key officials as well as students, one of whom traveled in 26 Asian countries, especially the College President, have been very active in trainings, seminars, and conferences abroad, specifically in Australia, Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Japan, resulting to numerous grants and projects granted in favor of SKPSC.


Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College, from the humble beginnings of five DECS-supervised high schools, now boasts of a premier Laboratory Science High School, where the best of the elementary high school graduates in the whole province of Sultan Kudarat and nearby provinces are competing just to be enrolled. Graduates have gone on to study and excel at any other reputable universities and colleges.

As a state college, this institution has pledged a transformative, pro-active role in the transformation and development of our communities and our people by providing them with training programs and modern facilities in partnership with our local and national governments and even international organizations.

In more than 16 years of existence as the only state college in the Province of Sultan Kudarat, the Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College (SKPSC) is fast achieving its vision and mission – that of helping to transform the vast resources, both human and material, of the province and the nearby provinces and cities as well. This is being manifested in its four-fold functions of instruction, research, extension and production, which help transform lives of people in the region for the better.

With its efforts to expand and diversify the degree programs, an intensified faculty and staff development program is continuously given strong impetus by the administration. This is through the numerous scholarship programs, trainings and conferences that were attended to by the faculty in national and international levels. Most significant in the College's existence is its continuous search for linkages in all its four-fold functions.

In its bid for universityhood, it strives to maintain its extension and research programs conducting studies and trainings in the fields of education, science and technology. These result to the curricular development and planning of additional income-generating programs and projects. Universityhood is that big fish in an aquarium just waiting to be held. It is worthy to note that the SKPSC has passed the rigid scrutiny of the Congress-sponsored committee (composed of evaluators coming from the Commission on Higher Education) to evaluate its qualifications as a candidate university. With right tools and methods, coupled with honest prayers, it will soon be grasped and then served to feed society's hunger.

Go forth, SKPSC!

Ready by EDS Team @ 10th September 2008.

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