Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Enlighten Journey to Palawan State University, Philippines by Associate Professor A. Ramaiyah

I, A. Ramaiyah received the confirmation to conduct a 5-day Doctoral Research Competency Workshop at Palawan State University located at Puerto Princesa City, Philippines from Dr. Ben Lee, the President of EDS while I was in India in the middle of December, 2008.

I accepted the offer happily, took a flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur at 9.00pm and connecting flight to Manila at 1.30am on Sunday 11th Jan. I waited at the Manila airport about another 3 hours before taking another fight to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Upon reaching the airport at about 9.30am, I was greeted by Professor Fe V Ricon, with another two students with two beautiful sea shell garland. After meeting a ever friendly Professor Fe V Ricon, the Vice President of Academic Afairs, all my tiredness due to overnight travelling disappeared immediately.

Before entering the campus, I noticed a big welcoming banner with my name on it. I became speechless with such a gesture of good will. I have traveled nearly half of the world during my previous assignments, but never met people with such high spirits and enthusiasm to welcome and greet guests. The beautiful campus with beautiful landscape and surroundings has more than 15,000 students is located about 20 minutes from the airport.

After reaching the campus, there were another group of students and staff greeted me with the same enthusiasm and kindness. All of them were so gracious, friendly, gentle and accommodating. I was thinking deep inside me that all this happens because of few reasons, and one of the most important reasons could be nothing other than an exemplary leadership portrayed by the one and only the President of Palawan University, Dr. Teresita L. Salva, the President of Palawan State University.

I took about 2 hours rest in a 5 star rated hostel room inside the campus itself. The room is equipped with all brand new amenities including Wi-Fi, TV and everything else as found in the 5 star hotel. The room has a breathtaking sea view too.

At about 12.30pm, joined lunch with Dr. Salva and her family members including her grandaughter from USA. I had a wonderful vegetarian lunch specially prepared for me by the chef and the students. Later I got to know that the hostel is managed by none other than Professor Mary Allyson, the Dean, College of Hospitality Management and Tourism with the help of other faculty members and her tourism students. The service provided is not less that of the five star hotels or maybe better than that.

I am very grateful to Dr.Ben Lee and the Palawan State University faculty members for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the loving family of Palawan State University, at least for a week. After this experience, I am certain that this is one place which I want to visit regularly.

Associate Professor A. Ramaiyah
EDS Senior Faculty

Welcoming performance by the famous dance troupe of Palawan State University during the opening of the Doctoral Research Competency Workshop.

The 5 star rated hostel room in Palawan State University is equipped with all brand new amenities including Wi-Fi, TV and everything else as found in the 5 star hotel.

The 5 star rated hostel room has a breathtaking sea view.

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