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Joint SLSU / AHU MBA Program on 27 - 30 March, 2009 in Lucan, Philippines

EDS Senior Faculty, Professor Dr. A. Ramaiyah was assigned to conduct a 4-day Joint American Heritage University (www.amheritageuniv.net) and Southern Luzon State University (www.slsu.edu.ph) MBA Program on 27th to 30th March 2009 at SLSU Main Campus in Lucban, Philippines.

Professor Dr. Arivalan with the MBA students

My experience at Southern Luzon State University- Professor Dr. Arivalan

I reached Clark airport Luzon at about 11.00am, on 26th March, 2009 via Airasia after about 4 hours journey from KL. Upon reaching the airport, Prof. Reynolds was already waiting for me at the Clark airport holding a name tag with my name on it. We quickly got into a four wheeler headed towards Pizza Hut. In the car, Prof Rey told me that he and the driver left Southern Luzon State University (SLSU) to pick me at about 5am in early morning. It took about 5 hours for the Professor to reach the Clark airport. His mission that day was to pick me up from the airport, provide me lunch and send me straight to a comfortable hotel near SLSU.

I was indeed astonished with his dedication, commitment, concern and sacrifice. I belief, this are the things that some of us would never do, traveling 10 hours in a day to just fetch a visitor. I am speechless with the hospitality that I always receive from Philippines. I strongly feel they can teach many part of the world what is hospitality, unselfishness and politeness.

Upon reaching the hotel at about 6.30pm, Prof. Rey quickly arranged for my dinner at the hotel and left home. I was at the Lucban, Queezon visiting SLSU to conduct 4 days lecture for MBA, DBA students and faculties of SLSU.

First two days covered topic on New Venture Creation and another two days on Management of Growing Businesses. Both topics were related to each other and cover in depth about how to create a new venture and manage it smoothly. The class started on 27th March with about 20 students including 4 Vietnamese students from Thai Nguyen University who are pursuing the MBA program at SLSU on fulltime basis. The lecture sessions were very interesting with matured and participative students. Everyone was working very hard to complete and present the cases and discussion questions given in the class.

As a facilitator, I felt the time was running very fast, this is because all of us were enjoying the sessions, giving and sharing inputs on so ideas and opinions. A special lunch was prepared for me due to my vegetarian diet by the staff of SLSU. I am very much indebted to them too. The lunch was cooked specially for me at one of the staff’s home. Everyday different menu and Prof. Reynolds always accompanies me during the lunch time.

On the evening of 27th March, the Honorable President Professor Dr. Cecilia N.Gascon gave me a special dinner treat at the floating restaurant in Lucban with other senior faculty members despite of her busy schedule. The dinner was wonderful, served on a fresh banana leaf. Most of us eat with hand. As said earlier, the hospitality given here was superb, rarely we find in other parts of the world.

Everyone is so eager to learn new things irrespective of age, experience and knowledge. I have the feeling of belongingness to the university because this is where I will be graduating for DBA on 29th April this month.

I am very much grateful to Dr. Ben Lee and Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon for giving me the golden opportunity to complete the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at this esteemed university of Philippines. I am indeed very much proud to belong to SLSU community which I feel very unique in every sense. This is the place that we can come anytime of the year. The people and the weather are always shining with love and compassion.

Professor Dr. Arivalan with 4 students from Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam who are pursuing the MBA program at Southern Luzon State University.

Engr. Reynaldo Ignacio, SLSU Registrar presenting a local made souvenir to Professor Dr. Arivalan as a token of appreciation.
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