Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Announcement: EDS International Training Schedule in Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia

EDS Training in Vietnam

Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam
Joint EDS, Southern Luzon State University and Thai Nguyen University’s
MBA program in TNU main campus

The Art of Negotiation, and Strategic Employee Resourcing
Class 2 on: 18 – 20 September
Class 3 on: 25 – 27 September
Class 4 on: 02 – 04 October
Class 5 on: 09 – 11 October
Class 6 on: 16 – 18 October
Class 1 on: 11 – 13 September

EDS faculty: Professor Dr. Pete Ooi

Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Class 2 on: 12 – 13 September
Class 3 on: 19 – 20 September
Class 1 on: 26 – 27 September
Class 5 on: 03 – 04 October
Class 6 on: 10 – 11 October
Class 4 on: 17 – 18 October

EDS faculty: Professor Dr. Arivalan Ramaiyah

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
21 – 23 September, 2009
Measuring Performances Using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
An in-house specialized training workshop for DKSH Group, Vietnam

Day 1
Module 1: Overview and Introduction on Balance Scorecard
Module 2 – The BSC Framework
Module 3 – the Design and Development of BSC

Day 2
Module 4: Understanding the Trickle Down Effect
Module 5: Key Result Areas (KRAs)
Module 6: Goal or target setting as the prelude to using KPIs

Module 7: Determining Key Performance indicators (KPIs) and Measures
i) Types of KPIs

ii) Using KPI as a tool for measuring individual and departmental performance
iii) What to do AFTER measuring the KPIs

Module 8 – Implementing the BSC, Review, monitoring and feedback system

EDS Training in Philippines

Laguna, Philippines
Joint EDS and Laguna State Polytechnic University’s
International Leadership Program

29 & 30 September: Management Leadership Dynamic
01 October : Advanced Teaching Technique

By: Professor Dr. Arivalan Ramaiyah

EDS Training in Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia
7 to 14 November 2009
EDS International Residential Program
- Professional CEO Program
- Professional Management Program
- Certified HR Professional Program

Remark: Expect to have 100 participants come from Asia, Europe, Middle East, USA and Africa attending the above residential programs in Penang.

Penang, Malaysia
7 to 11 November 2009
EDS International University Leadership Colloquium
Objectives – A venue for university to network and establish international linkages on faculty development, research, increased curriculum offerings, dual degree awards, and the transfer of knowledge and technology with the objective of offering world class education at the most affordable cost.

Chair by: Professor Dr. Douglass L. Capogrossi, USA
Professor Emeritus Dr. Nelson T, Binag, Philippines

Penang, Malaysia
25 to 31 October 2009
EDS Bi-lingual English/Vietnamese Residential
Professional Management Program (PMP1)

25 -26 Oct: Organizational Behavior
by Prof. Dr. Pete Ooi and Vietnamese Co-Trainer, Dr. Trinh Quoc Tri

27 – 28 Oct: Strategic Management
by Vietnamese Co-Trainer, Dr. Trinh Quoc Tri

29 Oct : Study visit to Penang Batik Factory, and Penang Heritage City tour

30 – 31 Oct: Marketing Management
By Prof. Dr. Pete Ooi and Co-Trainer, Martin Nguyen

Penang, Malaysia
Essential Management Skills for Leaders
A six months Leadership Development Program for community leaders, jointly organized by EDS and BM Community Learning Centre.

16 Aug: Creative Communication and Social Intelligence
by Professor Dr. Arivalan Ramaiyah

27 Sep: Understanding KPI and KRA - for organizational success
by Dr. Karling

25 Oct: How to build a sustainable World Class Political Organization
by Associate Professor Sue Lim

08 Nov: Blue Ocean Strategies
by Dr. Harwindar Singh

06 Dec: Transformational Leadership
by Professor Dr. Arivalan Ramaiyah

10 Jan: Understand the Future Today
by Professor Dr. Pete Ooi

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