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Master of Business Administration in HRM

Earn a Globally Sought After …

Executive Open Learning with Residential Studies in
Penang, Malaysia

The Palawan State University and Euro College, Macedonia’s MBA-in-HRM Dual Degree Program has been carefully designed to be convenient, relevant and to build upon the student’s past work experience and current professional pursuits. It provides a choice of learning approaches to suit the student and his employer.

Rather than interrupting a student’s career, the MBA-in-HRM Program is designed to enhance it by providing greater knowledge and understanding, new skills and qualifications, fully engaged with their current professional pursuits. Students are guided in conducting employment related scholarly research for the purpose of improving business systems and strategies. This is a highly cost effective way to gain new insights and skills, the latest information and competencies, and valuable qualifications.

~ Bachelor Degree or equivalent professional qualification with two years of working experience,
~ English ability equivalent TOEFL 500 points.

Minimum Duration: 12 months
The minimum credit requirement for a MBA-in-HRM Degree is 40 credits beyond the Bachelor degree. Students are required to attend all of the tutorial seminars and successfully completed all the coursework assignments with cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better, as outlined below:

Core Modules (PMP-1) (Required: 12 credits)
MB 535: Financial Management (4 credits)
MB 536: Marketing Management (4 credits)
MB 546: Project Management (4 credits)

Specialize Modules (CHRP) (Required: 12 credits)
MB 577: Human Capital Assessment & Development (4 credits)
MB 579: Talent Management (4 credits)
MB 583: Strategic Human Resource Management (4 credits)

Electives Modules (PMP-3) (Required: 12 credits)
Select any three modules:
MB 550: Logistics & Supply Chain Management (4 credits)
MB 571: Customer Relationship Management (4 credits)
MB 584: Creating a Sustainable World Class Organization (4 credits)
MB 586: Green Marketing – Guide to Sustainable Business Marketing (4 credits)
MB 587: Creativity and Business Innovation (4 credits)
MB 589: Management Leadership Dynamic (4 credits)

Independent Guided Studies (Required: 4 credits)
MB 585: Management Report on Field Visit (2 credits)
MB 591: Professional Portfolio Project (2 credits)

MBA-in-HRM participants complete 40 graduate credits in coursework comprising the foundational competencies in theories, principles, and practices, and the social-cultural implications of the discipline. These courses represent the essential elements, which define the field of study and establish the underlying foundations upon which participants may base their advanced professional development.

Each module will have a five-part grading scheme:
• 5 marks: Class attendance and punctuality
• 15 marks: Scoring for extent of participation in the seminar activities
• 20 marks: Summarize and comment on case studies
• 20 marks: Assigned scholarly readings and submission of three essays in reply to questions provided by the course instructor.
• 40 marks: Students prepare a written scholarly paper of 2,000 words on an approved topic for the module and assignment must include full references to that literature.

Students are required to attend all support seminars and to submit assignments in a timely manner. A maximum 60 days are allowed following the students attendance at the support seminar. Course start date is the date when the student attends the support seminar for that particular module.

The standard degree period is two years for Master program. The minimum required enrollment period for Master program is one full calendar year from the date of initial registration. The maximum periods allowed for program completion is four years for Master program.

The Palawan State University, Philippines and Euro College, Macedonia offers graduate students a unique opportunity to earn complementary Master degrees from two different countries.

The advantages of Dual Degree Program:
~ By earning two complementary degrees in two different countries, students gain access to two networks of business contacts and colleagues and exposure to two sets of potential employers.
~ It allows students to tailor their educational experience to their specific career objectives.
~ Globalization is changing the career market. People are increasingly being employed to work anywhere in the world. Graduate with dual Master degrees from Southeast Asia and Europe will have great advantages.

Euro College is a higher educational university college dedicated to excellence in teaching and service. Through it's Undergraduate and Graduate programs in Business Administration the Euro College seeks to stimulate intellectual curiosity, imagination, rational thinking, and thoughtful expression in a broad range of disciplines and professional fields.

Euro College Kumanovo is officially accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Macedonia for BA and MBA courses. The full name of the licensed college is: High-Educational Professional Institution for Business Studies EURO COLLEGE Kumanovo.

The campus of Euro College is located at Done Bozinov 41, 1300 Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia.

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The Palawan State University is a government-funded university in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. PSU was established in 1972. After 38 year, it has emerged as the premier university in the province of Palawan, with more than 16,000 students and almost 1,000 faculty and staff members.

The Palawan State University has 17 campuses. The main campus situated in Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa City has seven colleges established to fulfill the university’s four-fold function of instruction, research, extension and production. It is sprawled on a 20-hectare site where the Central Administration and Executive offices, undergraduate colleges and the Laboratory High School located.

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