Friday, November 27, 2009

Congratulatory Message from President Emeritus, Sultan Kudarat State University, Philippines, Honorable Professor Dr. Nelson T. Binag

My heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Pete Ooi the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of EDS Asia Pacific for being bestowed the Outstanding Lecturer Award during the International University Leadership Colloquium held on November 10, 2009 in Penang, Malaysia which happened coincidentally on my natal day.

Dr. Pete Ooi, highly deserves the said prestigious award considering that he is one of the best professors of the EDS Asia Pacific’s seminar programs that offer academic credits to working students leading to Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor in Business Administration (DBA), monitoring in such subjects as Financial Management, EQ Leadership, Negotiation Skills, and others. All of his students were so appreciative of his amiable and straight-forward styles of teaching by ably citing practical and true-to-life experiences in presenting and discussing key knowledge and skills in the specific academic course subjects. He is serious in his teaching but injects humor in his topics for emphasis and as the need arises.

As the COO of EDS- Asia Pacific, he is in-charge of getting the best qualified international lecturers who are actually in the business world teaching students from countries all over the world. That is, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovakia, Singapore, China, etc.

Being one of the pioneer lecturers of the EDS Asia Pacific, Dr. Pete Ooi ensures that the Professors that mentor in state-of-the-art development training in leadership and management principles and skills and practices through a unique extraordinary executive open-learning program in tandem not only with institutions in Asia –Pacific countries but from but also from the Atlantic Rim.

Dr. Pete Ooi works hard with the President and Founder of EDS-Asia Pacific to provide sustainable quality and excellence – education among universities and colleges in Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East. No doubt, EDS Asia Pacific serves as the anabolic and catalytic organization in the establishment of a global open learning consortium among countries, thus, bringing higher education access to educational opportunities, capacity and sustainability for faculty and staff of universities and colleges towards earning global high academic qualification.

We wish that Dr. Pete Ooi will sustain his efforts in handing over his educational and managerial expertise to the growing demand for quality and excellence.

Goodluck and Mabuhay to Dr. Pete Ooi and the EDS- Asia Pacific!

Professor Dr. Nelson T. Binag
President Emeritus
Sultan Kudarat State University
Tacurong City, Philippines

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11月(槟城) 领导策略(Leadership Strategies) MBA课

科目 : 领导策略(Leadership Strategies)
讲师 : 李嘉玲博士 M.A, Ph.D (USM)
地点 : B-Suite, Bkt Jambul, Penang













EDS-AHUSC 中文MBA目前开放招生。欢迎联络EDS(04-3984306/ 课程专员-Kenny, 016-4220855 或 Hilary, 016-4190855) 以洽询课程详情及最新报读优惠。
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Friday, November 20, 2009

University Leadership Colloquium Great Success

The first International University Leadership Colloquium for the Asia-Pacific Region held from 7-11 November 2009 in world renowned Penang, Malaysia, successfully provided an international platform for communication and networking among 24 leaders from higher education representing 14 institutions across 9 nations.

Friday, November 6, Arrival of Colloquium Organizers and University Leaders
The Colloquium organizers arrived and were present to greet university and college leaders, presidents, chancellors, rectors, and deans upon their arrival.

Saturday, November 7, Opening Ceremony, B-Suite Hotel, Penang
Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, Colloquium Deputy Organizing Chairman delivered opening remarks clarifying the mission of the Colloquium and hopes for an effective outcome for alliances and lifelong friendships among the university leaders.

The Colloquium Co-Chairs, Dr. Douglass Capogrossi and Dr. Nelson Binag opened the Colloquium sessions with introductions of the university representatives. Leaders from each university were provided opportunities were provided ample time to deliver a message before the Colloquium, introducing their institution, their missions, objectives, and accomplishments, and presenting opportunities for alliances and partnerships among their fellow participants.

Sunday, November 8, Networking Sessions
The Colloquium Co-Chairs, Dr. Douglass Capogrossi and Dr. Nelson Binag guided the university leaders through networking sessions one-on-one. The universities leaders explored among themselves the opportunities for alliances and made arrangements to meet later for further discussion and arrange for long term dialogue.

In the evening many of the participants were transported by bus to the Queenbay Mall, Penang’s largest shopping plaza. The trip was enjoyed by all.

Monday, November 9, Blue Ocean Strategies
Dr. Harwindar Singh presented outstanding the first leg of his two-day seminar, Building a World Class Higher Learning Institution via Blue Ocean Strategies.

Tuesday, November 10, Colloquium Award Dinner
Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, Colloquium Deputy Organizing Chairman delivered opening remarks to the university leaders, summarizing the success of the Colloquium session and commenting on the great potential which rests in cooperation among international universities.

Honorable Dr. Mansor Othman, Deputy Chief Minister of Penang State addressed the Colloquium attendees, welcoming them to Penang, and citing his support and encouragement for further Colloquium in Penang for the near future.
Honorable Senator Mustafa Kamal Mohd Yusoff, Member of Senate, Malaysia Parliament graced the Colloquium Dinner with his attendance.

Colloquium Awards
University Leadership Excellence Awards 2009

Professor Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, president of Akamai University was presented the Award for Advancement of Cross-Border Open Learning Alliances

Dr. Robert C. Licup, Sr. was presented the Distinguished Education Philanthropist Award

Professor Dr. Robert A, Wagan, President of Laguna State Polytechnic University was presented Lifetime Achievement Award for University Leadership in the Philippines

Professor Dr. Nelson T. Binag, Emeritus President of Sultan Kudarat State University was presented Lifetime Achievement Award for University Leadership in the Philippines

Professor Dr. Shamsher Ali, Vice Chancellor of Southeast University was presented Lifetime Achievement Award for University Leadership in Bangladesh

Professor Dr. Cecelia N. Gascon, President of Southern Luzon State University was presented Exemplary Leadership Award for Achievement in Higher Education in the Philippines

Dr. Pete Ooi, Chief Operations Officer of EDS Asia Pacific was presented the Outstanding Lecturer Award for 2009, for his continued pre-eminence and accomplishments on the lecture circuit

Global Management Excellence Awards 2009

Miss Le Thanh Tu, CEO and Founder of Jolie Siam and Vice President of Vitashare

Mr. G. K. Lim, President of HRD Gateway presented the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award in Business

Honorable Senator Mustafa Kamal Modh. Yusoff, member of the Senate, Malaysia, presented Community Leadership Award 2009 for his great accomplishments on behalf of the Malaysia community.

Dr. Wah Joon Tong, CEO and Founder of Home Dynamic presented Community Leadership Award 2009 for her achievements on behalf of the South Asia community.

Honorable Mdm. Chong Eng, Member of Parliament, Malaysia, presented Community Leadership Award 2009 for her great accomplishments on behalf of the Malaysia community.

Closing Speech

Honorable Professor Dr. Ricardo A Wagan, President of Laguna State Polytechnic University and Philippine association of State Universities and Colleges, Region IV informed and enlightened the attendees at the Colloquium dinner with closing remarks and encouragement for participants to continue forward toward alliances across borders.

Wednesday, November 11
Participants gathered for a tour of Penang Heritage City.
Thursday, November 12Colloquium participants departed Penang and were transported from B-Suite Hotel to Penang Airport.

Summary Reflections
The Colloquium attendees dialogued about the opportunities for alliances and partnerships among their institutions designed to improve educational quality, advance teaching and learning pedagogy, strengthen faculty development, expand curriculum offerings, and transfer knowledge and technology worldwide.

The Colloquium attendees took advantage of prime opportunities for university leaders to dialogue with one another, conceive cooperative projects, dual degree awards, shared faculty in-service, and establishment of preliminary memorandums of agreement during the event.

The Colloquium attendees gathered to honor the lifelong achievements of exemplary university leaders.

Penang lived up to its reputation as a world recognized international tourist destination and shopping paradise.

Lifelong friendships were forged and a good time was had by all!

The Colloquium was an absolute success!