Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project Management Expert Dr. Timothy Nam Joins EDS Faculty Team

Project Management Expert
Dr. Timothy Nam
Joins EDS Faculty Team

As a result of its unyielding commitment to appoint world class trainers to be part of the faculty team of EDS Business School, Dr. Timothy Nam has been appointed to the EDS faculty team in Project Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Dr. Timothy Nam Chee Hoong

Dr. Timothy Nam has held advisory roles in higher education institutions in Malaysia. He represented IBM Malaysia as Technology Advisor to Malaysia Development Corporation Malaysia (MDeC) and Institute of Higher Learning, Ministry of Education from 2005 through 2007. During tha period, Dr. Nam also served as Panel Judge for Multimedia Super Corridor and Institute of Higher Learning for the Business Plan/Idea Contest with participation from more 50 public and private Malaysia universities. He was a pioneer of Rational Competency Lab and Program Initiatives (Program) in Malaysia, working with ten public universities focusing on Best Practices and Theories from IBM Technology and Innovation Program in the field of Software Development Life Cycle Management. Dr. Timothy Nam has served as an adjunct faculty member with Akamai University, USA, since 2004, occasionally guest lecturing for graduate students from Malaysia and Vietnam.

Dr. Nam represented IBM as a business evangelist for and number of top level initiatives with the Software Business Unit. Initiatives include Corporate Governance and Compliance Program for Financial Services Sector and Business Driven Development through Services Oriented Architecture SOA (Framework for Enterprise Application Integration). He also participated in the initiatives, World Class Software Development Framework and Capabilities (SLDC) for Next Generation Workforce, and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) to promote World Class Software Development Capabilities for Software Developers and Software Companies. Dr Nam was also Technology Advisor to International Association of Software Architect (IASA) Malaysia.

Dr. Nam served as President of the Malaysia Chapter of International Association of Software Architects (IASA), a nonprofit organization for the two year period, 2007 and 2008. During its early years of development, he was Vice President of IASA, Software Development and Integration Special Interest Group, for three years. IASA is the premier association focused on the architecture profession through the advancement of best practices and education while delivering programs and services to IT architects at all levels worldwide. Today, IASA membership consists of nearly 6,000 members from more than fifty nations.

EDS welcomes Dr. Timothy Nam to its world class team of executive trainers. With the high quality of his professional knowledge and expertise, EDS can develop exceptional quality programs in Project Management and Customer Relationship Management. Welcome Dr. Nam!

News by EDS Team @ 31 March 2010.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

3月(吉隆坡) 项目管理MBA课

科目 : 项目管理 (Project Management)
讲师 : 陈康升博士
地点 : Subang Affiliate Campus, SS15



代表小组作呈现 :


课间小休期间 :
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

EDS supports the joint MBA program of Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam and Southern Luzon State University, Philippines

EDS Business School, Malaysia,
supports Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam,
and Southern Luzon State University, Philippines
in Delivery of World Class MBA Program

EDS Business School, Malaysia, continues to demonstrate cross-border executive training at its best; assuring continuation of a world-class MBA collaboration among EDS, Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam, and Southern Luzon State University, Philippines. During early March, faculty members from EDS Business School delivered advanced elements of tri-party MBA program at Thai Nguyen University campus.

During the March MBA presentations, Dr Pete Ooi presented seminars in Strategic Human Resource Management, and Negotiation Skills. Prof. Ooi is highly respected by his students. He has conducted executive training in Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Qatar and is highly recognized for the passion and energy with which he presents his lessons

Dr. Pete Ooi instructing Strategic HRM class

Dr. Lee Karling and Associate Professor Sue Lim taught Supply Chain Management. Associate Professor Dr. Karling specializes in HRM related training, as well as specific interpersonal skills and workplace behavior training aimed at improving workplace efficiency, effectiveness and relationships. She is committed to assisting organizations in their human resource development endeavors and specializes in assisting organizations design, execute, and feedback on training evaluation system for continuous development in the organization’s human resource development efforts. Sue Lim has more than 25 years of human resources management, general management and training experience, more than half of which is of regional senior managerial role with well-known MNCs. She has trained extensively on HR related courses such as areas in recruitment, performance management, human resources developments, industrial relations and management development program.

Dr Lee Karling instructing Supply Chain Management seminar

During 2009, EDS faculty delivered five seminar sessions at Thai Nguyen University, serving more than 180 MBA students, Thai Nguyen University has invited EDS to provide a minimum of ten classes during 2010. The MBA students from this collaborative program have consistently awarded excellent evaluations of the EDS faculty seminars. Overall, favorable ratings have exceeded 85%., and students found EDS lectures both effective and practical.

To assure the highest of program quality, Dr Ben Lee, CEO and Founder of EDS Business School, and Honorable Senator Mustafa Kamal, Malaysia, witnessed the seminar classes and congregated with students at the Thai Nguyen University Bac Ninh affiliate campus, Vietnam.

MBA participants gather for group photograph
with Dr. Ben Lee and Senator Mustafa Kamal

News by EDS Team @ 9 March 2010.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Congratulatory Message from Dr. Karling Lee on EDS Business School receiving Global HR Excellence Award 2009-10

Congratulations to Dr. Ben Lee and the EDS team and to EDS Business School on being awarded the

Global HR Excellence Award 2009-10
for Outstanding Contribution to the Cause of Education
at the recent World HRD Congress in Mumbai, India.

Kudos to EDS and to Dr. Ben, the Founder and CEO of EDS Business School for his leadership excellence and Talent Management in steering the organization toward Global HR Excellence!

The innovative educational strategies adopted by EDS with Dr. Ben Lee and Dr. Pete Ooi driving the vision to achieve the strategies have led EDS to become a world leader in the provision of Global Cross-Border education. No other Education Institution comes close to such innovative education strategies!

Such unique and innovative strategies include the implementation of Residential program where participants from all over the world are invited to be part of the unique experience where the study module via the conduct of various training-based workshops provides excellent flexibility and extensive knowledge acquisition that is applicable to the participants’ home country.

Apart from the above, the unique education strategies adopted by EDS and Dr. Ben’s team also include the use of bilingual innovative teaching and learning methodologies that incorporates English with Vietnamese or Mandarin to allow participants to pursue an academic qualification such as an MBA that breaks through the language barrier.

With such innovative, unique, and highly flexible teaching and learning methodologies, it is no wonder that EDS has become a world leader in global education that transcends borders. Coupled with the effective leadership of Dr. Ben, it is of course only apt that EDS is being given the Award of HR Excellence for Cross Border Education recently as well as many other recognitions and awards for EDS and Dr. Ben’s effort in bringing global education to the fore.

As a result of strong recognition and appreciation by various parties through the conferment of awards, acceptance of the EDS innovative teaching and delivery methods have received critical acclaim by many overseas universities such as Thai Nguyen University, Palawan State University, Laguna State University and Euro College and many more in the pipeline.

As a Senior Faculty member within the EDS team, I’m indeed proud and happy to be associated with such an esteemed global leader in education. Working with and through EDS and Dr. Ben has been an extremely enriching experience for me. It has opened my eyes to many unexplored horizons, and made me a more effective entrepreneur, director, and educator, of which I am all three!

WE look forward to more exciting times with EDS Business School and with Dr. Ben and his team, especially with Dr. Pete who helms the key operations of EDS. We strive to support EDS in its pursuit of global education excellence and to reach for the Stars with more recognitions and awards to come!

Here’s to EDS and Dr. Ben, the Founder and CEO of EDS! May EDS be the beacon that leads in global innovative education excellence!

Dr. Karling Lee, PhD(HRM)
EDS Senior Faculty
Penang, Malaysia

Monday, March 1, 2010

2月(吉隆坡) 财务管理MBA课

科目 : 财务管理 (Financial Management)

讲师 : 刘永和博士 BBA, MBA, Ph.D (hc)

地点 : Subang Affiliate Campus, SS15


除了来自吉隆坡一带的Wyman Yap (Strandford Industry Sdn Bhd, Manager) & Candince Chang (Ga Hing Trading Sdn Bhd , GM),我们更有一位远自古晋的新学生 --Fong (皮纹检测师)。





EDS-AHUSC 中文MBA每月开放招生。欢迎联络EDS(04-3984306 / 课程专员-Kenny, 016-4220855 或 Hilary, 016-4190855) 以洽询课程详情及最新报读优惠。


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