Saturday, March 6, 2010

Congratulatory Message from Dr. Karling Lee on EDS Business School receiving Global HR Excellence Award 2009-10

Congratulations to Dr. Ben Lee and the EDS team and to EDS Business School on being awarded the

Global HR Excellence Award 2009-10
for Outstanding Contribution to the Cause of Education
at the recent World HRD Congress in Mumbai, India.

Kudos to EDS and to Dr. Ben, the Founder and CEO of EDS Business School for his leadership excellence and Talent Management in steering the organization toward Global HR Excellence!

The innovative educational strategies adopted by EDS with Dr. Ben Lee and Dr. Pete Ooi driving the vision to achieve the strategies have led EDS to become a world leader in the provision of Global Cross-Border education. No other Education Institution comes close to such innovative education strategies!

Such unique and innovative strategies include the implementation of Residential program where participants from all over the world are invited to be part of the unique experience where the study module via the conduct of various training-based workshops provides excellent flexibility and extensive knowledge acquisition that is applicable to the participants’ home country.

Apart from the above, the unique education strategies adopted by EDS and Dr. Ben’s team also include the use of bilingual innovative teaching and learning methodologies that incorporates English with Vietnamese or Mandarin to allow participants to pursue an academic qualification such as an MBA that breaks through the language barrier.

With such innovative, unique, and highly flexible teaching and learning methodologies, it is no wonder that EDS has become a world leader in global education that transcends borders. Coupled with the effective leadership of Dr. Ben, it is of course only apt that EDS is being given the Award of HR Excellence for Cross Border Education recently as well as many other recognitions and awards for EDS and Dr. Ben’s effort in bringing global education to the fore.

As a result of strong recognition and appreciation by various parties through the conferment of awards, acceptance of the EDS innovative teaching and delivery methods have received critical acclaim by many overseas universities such as Thai Nguyen University, Palawan State University, Laguna State University and Euro College and many more in the pipeline.

As a Senior Faculty member within the EDS team, I’m indeed proud and happy to be associated with such an esteemed global leader in education. Working with and through EDS and Dr. Ben has been an extremely enriching experience for me. It has opened my eyes to many unexplored horizons, and made me a more effective entrepreneur, director, and educator, of which I am all three!

WE look forward to more exciting times with EDS Business School and with Dr. Ben and his team, especially with Dr. Pete who helms the key operations of EDS. We strive to support EDS in its pursuit of global education excellence and to reach for the Stars with more recognitions and awards to come!

Here’s to EDS and Dr. Ben, the Founder and CEO of EDS! May EDS be the beacon that leads in global innovative education excellence!

Dr. Karling Lee, PhD(HRM)
EDS Senior Faculty
Penang, Malaysia

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