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Earn a Globally Sought After …

American Heritage University
of Southern California

Executive Open Learning Program With Residential Studies
in Penang, Malaysia


American Heritage University of Southern California’s MBA Program has been carefully designed to be convenient, relevant and to build upon the student’s past work experience and current professional pursuits. It provides a choice of learning approaches to suit the student and his employer.

Rather than interrupting a student’s career, the MBA Program is designed to enhance it by providing greater knowledge and understanding, new skills and qualifications, fully engaged with their current professional pursuits. Students are guided in conducting employment related scholarly research for the purpose of improving business systems and strategies. This is a highly cost effective way to gain new insights and skills, the latest information and competencies, and valuable qualifications.

 Bachelor Degree or equivalent professional qualification with two years of working experience,
 In lieu of the Bachelor’s degree, applicants will be considered with a recognized Business Diploma (Associate Degree) and a minimum of five years of working experience. Such applicants will be required to submit appropriate letters of recommendation verifying they have the necessary capability and motivation to successfully complete the program within the allotted time span. Applicants accepted in the absence of the Bachelor's degree will be required by the University to add missing elements to the minimum program, as a condition for admission.
 English ability equivalent TOEFL 500 points.

Minimum Duration: 12 months

The minimum credit requirement for a MBA Degree is 40 credits beyond the Bachelor degree. Students are required to attend all of the tutorial seminars and successfully completed all the coursework assignments with cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better, as outlined below:
PMP 1 - Residential Modules (Required: 12 credits)
MB 535: Financial Management (4 credits)
MB 536: Marketing Management (4 credits)
MB 546: Project Management (4 credits)

PMP 2 - Residential Modules (Required: 12 credits)
MB 519: Business Research (4 credits)
MB 534: Organizational Behavior (4 credits)
MB 556: Strategic Planning & Implementation (4 credits)

PMP 3 - Residential Modules (Required: 12 credits)
MB 537: Logistics & Supply Chain Management (4 credits)
MB 549: Strategic Human Resource Management (4 credits)
MB 550: Customer Relationship Management (4 credits)

Independent Guided Studies (Required: 4 credits)
MB 585: Management Report on Field Visit (2 credits)
MB 591: Professional Portfolio Project (2 credits)

MBA participants complete 40 graduate credits in coursework comprising the foundational competencies in theories, principles, and practices, and the social-cultural implications of the discipline. These courses represent the essential elements, which define the field of study and establish the underlying foundations upon which participants may base their advanced professional development.

Module Grading

Each module will have a five-part grading scheme:
• 5 marks: Class attendance and punctuality
• 15 marks: Scoring for extent of participation in the seminar activities
• 20 marks: Summarize and comment on case studies
• 20 marks: Assigned scholarly readings and submission of essays in reply to questions provided by the course instructor.
• 40 marks: Students prepare a written scholarly paper of 2,000 words on an approved topic for the module and assignment must include full references to that literature.

Attendance Required
Students are required to attend all support seminars and to submit assignments in a timely manner. A maximum 60 days are allowed following the students attendance at the support seminar. Course start date is the date when the student attends the support seminar for that particular module.

Standard, Minimum-Maximum Degree Periods
The standard degree period is two years for Master program. The minimum required enrollment period for Master program is one full calendar year from the date of initial registration. The maximum periods allowed for program completion is four years for Master program.

EDS Business School together with AHUSC strives to offer the most affordable tuition fees for students under going their studies through EDS International Residential Studies in Penang, Malaysia.

MBA tuition fee is US$4,600 after scholarships are applied and full payment upon registration; and the tuition fee is US$4,900 if paid by two installments.

Application Fee is USD 100.

Remark: Students who opt for two payment plan must pay the 2nd and balance payment before attending the 2nd residential studies in Penang, Malaysia.


Residential PMP-1
USD690 for twin-sharing accommodation and USD860 for single occupancy accommodation

Residential PMP-2
USD690 for twin-sharing accommodation and USD860 for single occupancy accommodation

Residential PMP-3
USD690 for twin-sharing accommodation and USD860 for single occupancy accommodation

AHUSC MBA Brochure >>> Click Here
AHUSC MBA Application Form >>> Click Here

AHU Main Campus: 255 North D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401
Phone: 909.884.9000
Toll Free: 888.484.8689
Fax: 909.885.3000
Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education:

48 Lorong Kurau 17, Chai Leng Park, 13700 Prai, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 604-398-4306
Fax: 604-390-9766

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