Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Visit To the Huqingyu Tang Chinese Medicine Museum in Hangzhou, China

On 20 to 30 November 2010 Dr Ben Lee, President and Founder of EDS and his family were having their holiday trip at Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. During the visit to Hangzhou, Dr Lee take the opportunity to visit the Huqingyu Tang Chinese Medicine Museum.

Dr Ben with the statue of Sun Simiao, King of Medicine.

Inside the Huqingyu Tang Chinese Medicine Museum there is a statue of Sun Simiao. Sun Simiao (581–682) was a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor of the Sui and Tang dynasty. He was titled as China's King of Medicine (药王) for his significant contributions to Chinese medicine and tremendous care to his patients.

Sun wrote two books - Beiji Qian Jin Yao Fang ("Essential Formulas for Emergencies [Worth] a Thousand Pieces of Gold") and Qian Jin Yi Fang ("Supplement to the Formulas of a Thousand Gold Worth") - that were both milestones in the history of Chinese medicine. He is also known for the text "On the Absolute Sincerity of Great Physicians," often called "the Chinese Hippocratic Oath," which is still required reading for Chinese physicians:

“A Great Physician should not pay attention to status, wealth or age; neither should he question whether the particular person is attractive or unattractive, whether he is an enemy or friend, whether he is a Chinese or a foreigner, or finally, whether he is uneducated or educated. He should meet everyone on equal grounds. He should always act as if he were thinking of his close relatives.”

The Huqingyu Tang Chinese Medicine Museum is the only Chinese herbal medicine museum in China housed in the ancient buildings of the famous Hangzhou Chinese herbal medicine shop. The exhibition halls introduce the origin, development, and application of traditional Chinese medicine and its role in the world history of medicine. Samples of the herbal plants and a hand- processing workshop are among the displays. The museum also includes a clinic and a restaurant for Chinese herbal medicine food.

News by EDS Team @ 8 December 2010.

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