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Visits Akamai University Pohakuwaena Research Station

On Thursday, 20 January 2011, the IDEAL accrediting team paid an on-site visit to tour the Pohakuwaena Research Station operated by Prof. James Ferrell, of the Akamai University. Visiting the Research Station were Dr. Nelson Binag, IDEAL Accrediting Team Chairman; Dr. Serafin Ngohayon, Accrediting Team Vice Chairman; Dr. Ben Lee, CEO and President, EDS Business School; Dr. Anthony Maranto, Akamai Vice President; and Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, Akamai President.

From left to right: Dr Douglass Capogrossi, Akamai President; Dr. Serafin Ngohayon, Accrediting Team Vice Chairman; Dr Ben Lee, EDS President; Prof. Jim Farrell and Dr. Nelson Binag, IDEAL Accrediting Team Chairman

Prof. Ferrell conducted a brief orientation in one of the research station’s major greenhouses, demonstrating the method of growing vegetables by the hydroponic method using specially designed water tables to hold mineral nutrient solutions, growing healthy plants in water solution, without the need for soil. The Station also has experimental growths of special timber woods known for their beauty as furniture wood.

The Station also has experimental growths of special timber woods known for their beauty as furniture wood.

The Research Station is housed on more than a hectare of well maintained land, including more than an acre of mature coffee plants, among lemon, tangerine, tangelo, orange, macadamia, star fruit, avocado and other fruit trees and specialty wood trees. The visitors were treated to the juiciest oranges and tangerines, and Prof. Ferrell prepared us all glasses of the sweetest orange juice ever tasted. The Research Station also has additional land in production in nearby locations, including a two acre coffee crop established as an experimental commercial venture, and extensive aquatics ponds near the Islands major geothermal power stations.

Prof. Jim Ferrell, renowned professional horticulturalist and researcher, has conducted projects and visited countless locations worldwide. Profess Ferrell, Director of the Research Center is a longstanding member of the Akamai Board of Director. Plans are underway to provide research opportunities for graduate students to conduct projects at the station in cooperation with Prof. Ferrell and other Akamai researchers and local specialists. Programs included in the research program include hydroponics, greenhouse projects, orchard start-ups, sustainable agriculture, environmental management, and small scale commercial agricultural ventures. Graduate students associated with Akamai University, its affiliated universities and research associates may arrange access to the Pohakuwaena Research Station by making contact with Akamai University international headquarters in Hawaii, USA.

Pror. Ferrell earned his Master of Science in Agriculture and Natural Resource Education at Oregon State University (1978) and his Bachelor of Science in Plant Science and Horticulture from Utah State University (1975). He pursued post-Master's training and research in Tropical Agriculture from University of Hawaii, and Agricultural Studies from South China Agriculture University, Beijing Agriculture University, Peking University, Eurotechnical Research University, Mauna Loa Research Institute, and Australian Center for Minesite Research. Mr. Ferrell is currently a Teaching Professor with the University of Hawaii Forestry Department and Office of Continuing Education.

Among his many projects, Prof. Ferrell presently serves as a consultant in Tropical Forest Restoration and Resource Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Agronomy, Greenhouse and Nursery Management, Hydroponics, and Re-vegetation and Reclamation. His current areas of research include Chemical, Nutrient, Waste Cycling for Sustainable Reclamation Management, and Techniques for Adaptation of Site Specific Plant Materials. Mr. Ferrell holds National Teacher Certification through the Department of Education and Agricultural Extension Service, Certified Pesticide Application Trainer with USDA, and Certified Organic Farm Inspector with the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association. Mr. Ferrell's prior professional achievements include positions with US Department of Agriculture, Hawaii Department of Public Safety Office of Education, Hawaii Community College and Freeport Mining Company, Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

News by EDS Team @ 30 January 2011.

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