Monday, November 14, 2011

Ho Chi Minh City Special HR Seminar

EDS Business School to Conduct 2-Day
International Advanced Human Resource Seminar
in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 20 – 21 December 2011

Presenting the Latest HR Practices and Knowledge

World-class Seminar Presenter
Professor Dr. Lee Karling, PhD

EDS Business School invites HR Directors, Human Resource Managers and Senior Executives who desire to share the latest HR practices, innovative ideas and frameworks to join other top level HR professionals in achieving the visionary human resource framework. Join us and build an unprecedented understanding of how management can best leverage human capital to gain a necessary competitive advantage. If you hold a position in HR leadership, with five years executive experience, and at least a Bachelor’s degree, this seminar is for you!

Please note that the EDS Business School will sponsor 70% of your seminar fee. Participants only need pay USD90/pax for registration, if they enrol before 6 December 2011. The fee for registration after 7 December 2011 is USD160/pax. This seminar includes 4 tea breaks, 2 luncheon and the HR training notes. Upon full attendance of the 2-day Seminar the EDS Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.

Venue: Sen Viet Hotel, 9th Floor, 31-33 Cao Thang, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Date: Tuesday & Wednesday, 20 – 21 December 2011
Presenter: Dr. Lee Karling, the guru in Talent and HR Management

Seminar Program:

DAY ONE: Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Topic 1: Effective HR Planning and Budgeting to Maximize Performance

Topic 2: Structured Interview Technique for Best Result Via Behavioral Event Interview (BEIs)

DAY TWO: Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Topic 3: Business Continuity through Talent and Succession Planning

Topic 4: Improving Employee Engagement to Drive Business Performance

Speaker Profile:
Professor Dr. Lee Karling, PhD, the guru in Talent and HR Management

Dr. Karling specializes in HRM related training as well as specific interpersonal skills and workplace behavior training aimed at improving workplace efficiency, effectiveness and relationships. She is committed to assisting organizations in their human resource development endeavors and specializes in assisting organizations design, execute, and feedback on training evaluation system for continuous development in the organization’s human resource development efforts. Her current passion is in cross-generation management focusing on assisting organizations in tapping into the potentials of the millennial workforce and providing guidance to senior management in maximizing the talent of the new generation (Gen Y).

Dr. Karling has many years of career experience in both the manufacturing and service industries with more years in the service industry as Head of Department. She has been involved in corporate training for more than 10 years and is a Certified Trainer from ACAP Australia. She also holds a unique Graduate Certificate in Adult Teaching and Learning from RMIT University, Australia. She is currently on a retainer with a listed local company as a HR consultant in all HR related matters from HR planning and recruitment to industrial relations. The consultancy work also extents to the subsidiaries of the listed company.

Dr. Karling obtained her PhD from USM in early 2008. Her area of specialization is Human Resource Management (HRM) with an emphasis in human resource development and learning. Her professional interest is in industrial psychology and human behaviors at work and she has been involved in continuous research in linking personalities with job function and performance and hopes to present a research paper late next year. She also specializes in DOE (design of experiment) for the HRM function, specifically for HR development.

Dr. Karling provides training workshops in specific supply chain management areas, specifically inventory management, warehouse system design, and purchasing management for effective cost down.

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