Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heartiest Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Ben Lee

Heartiest Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Ben Lee being enthroned as Datu Waris by the Sultan of Kabuntalan, Mindanao, Philippines

Message from Honorable Dr Douglass L. Capogrossi:

Hon. Dr. Douglass L. Capogrossi and Prof. Datu Waris Dr. Ben Lee at Asean Hotel, Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam

I send my most sincere congratulations to Prof. Dr. Ben Lee in respect to his being admitted as Datu Waris with the Royal House of the Sultanate of Kabuntala. His Royal Highness Datu Penandatu Uko Mluk, Sultan Sa Kabuntalan personally enthroned him as Datu Waris Lee Wooi Beng (aka Dr Ben Lee) on 27 November 2011. It is my understanding that as Datu Waris, Dr. Lee is viewed as an “authority”, which would be consulted for advisement as appropriate for the welfare of the community of the Sultanate. This is a high honor for Prof. Dr. Ben Lee.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Ben Lee pledged to continue to grow in knowledge, so that when called upon to advise the Royal House of the Sultanate of Kabuntalan, he will be able to provide expertise of the highest quality and value. Dr. Lee further pledged to continue providing leadership in development of higher education, opening the way for human advisement for countless individuals in Philippines, especially for the community of the Sultanate of Kabuntalan. He also pledged at all time to act in a highly ethical manner, bringing due respect and honor to the honorable award of Datus Waris. Those of us who have observed the growth and development of Prof. Dr. Ben Lee over the past decade, understand the his ethical character and the depth of desire to serve the Asia-Pacific community.

Hon. Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, Ph.D.
President, Akamai University
Board Members, International Distance Education Accreditation League

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