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Alumni Achievement Awards

TO: All EDS Alumni / Graduate,

Nomination for EDS Alumni Achievement Award

A blissful and fruitful Year 2012!

May we cordially invite you to be our distinguished participants in the grand celebration of the EDS 10th Foundation Anniversary especially during its Graduation Ceremony on 12 March 2012.

In conjunction with this momentous occasion, various special awards will be bestowed to individuals who made our EDS Business School of what it is today. One of the distinguished awards is the EDS Business School Alumni Achievement Award (EDS Triple A) which is conferred to the EDS graduates/alumni who have moved up in their respective careers or have transformed themselves in their chosen professions after earning the MBA or DBA degrees from EDS Business School.

Corollary, with the conferment of said Award may we request you to comply with the following important stipulations:

...1. Filling-up of the EDS Alumni Achievement Award Form to quantify your career achievements.
...2. The Award Recipients will be conferred with the Plaque and Certificate of Achievements.
...3. The Award Recipients will be invited and be present during 12 March 2012 Convocation to receive said Award.
...4. Attendance is imperative and compulsory.
...5. The Award Recipients are asked to pay a small USD280 fee to help cover the rental of the Alumni Gown, three (3) photographs (full pose, half pose and group photo). In addition Award Recipients will be given one (1) free guest ticket to witness the Graduation Ceremony and Award Presentation and two (2) free tickets to the EDS 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner Celebration.

May we anticipate your esteemed presence in this significant event and share collectively in the joys and triumph of the EDS Alumni.

Best regards and cheers!

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Dr. Ben Lee
EDS Business School

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Professional CEO Program

Professional CEO Program

Focus on Mastering World Class Business Strategies

… open to participants from countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe

Venue: B-Suite Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
Date: 10 – 16 March, 2012

Created for the business leaders and senior academe, CEO Program provides tools, frameworks and an international network to help executives take their business to the next level. Participants shall gain new insights on proven strategies for sustainable success.

Spend a week expanding your global business savvy through EDS International Residential Professional CEO Program which incorporates a series of industry relevant seminars and study tour, and enriching business networking activities in Penang, Malaysia. You'll benefit from the expertise of the distinguished faculty and network with international executives and fellow course-mates who offer a unique view of the business community in which they live and work. You will return with a grasp of the international marketplace that only experience can impart.

Penang has one of the largest industrial and technology hubs in Asia and is known as the Silicon Valley of the East. It has also been granted the status of Multimedia Super Corridor. It capital, George Town was successfully listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in March 2008 where participants could that the opportunity to see the heritage sites.

(This CEO Program is en-route to Ifugao State University’s DBA and Akamai University’s Ph.D. in Management Degree Program)

EDS CEO Program Structure & Activities
Nov 10: 09am – 10am, Opening Ceremony and Group Photo taking
10am – 05pm, CEO Seminar on Management Leadership Dynamic (Part 1)
06pm – 10pm, EDS Welcoming Dinner

Nov 11: 08am – 05pm, CEO Seminar on How to Build a World Class Organization (Part 2)

Nov 12: 09am – 01pm, Penang Heritage City Tour
07pm – 10pm, Evening outing, visit Queensbay Mall, Penang largest shopping mall

Nov 13: 09am – 05pm, CEO Seminar on Creating a World Class Organization (Part 1)

Nov 14: 09am – 03pm, CEO Seminar on Creating a World Class Organization (Part 2)

Nov 15: 09am – 05pm, CEO Seminar on Managing Risk & Investment Skills (Part 1)

Nov 16: 09am – 05pm, CEO Seminar on Managing Risk & Investment Skills (Part 2)
05pm – 06pm, Closing Ceremony

EDS BUSINESS SCHOOL has consolidated the essentials of business knowledge, strategic skills and latest management practices; and put them together in this tremendously vital, interactive and unique Professional CEO Studies / Conference for local and international participants through residential studies in Penang, Malaysia.

The EDS Professional CEO Program not only covers the key areas of business through a series of contemporary business, leadership and advanced management studies, but it also includes a study tour to a global organization or successful public listed company, located in Penang, Malaysia and also a welcoming dinner cum fellowship night for all our residential participants.

Our CEO training workshops include: How Build A World Class Organization, How to Master Risk and Investment Skills, How to Build a Sustainable Business via Green Marketing and How to Achieve Marketing Success through Market Segmentation, Target and Positioning Strategies.

Can you be an effective CEO or continue to do business or manage your organization / institution without the critical skills necessary for success? This exclusive program will provide you with the fundamentals of business—practical skills you can use immediately in the "real world". The essentials of managing a business have been condensed into this 7 days intensive Residential Professional CEO Studies.

On successful completion of this EDS Professional CEO Program, course members will be able to:
• To understand the content and process of latest business strategy and leadership,
• Provide a stronger foundation for executive decision making based on a solid understanding of business fundamentals and key business functions
• Explore business plan scenarios that helps you chart a course for your company's future
• Learn to analyze the competitive landscape to find opportunities,
• Learn the how to manage crisis and capture opportunity during the changing era,
• Learn to develop competitive advantage by relevant positioning within its industry value chain, • To explore the attributes of new business model.

CEOs, University Presidents, Leaders of NGO and other business leaders.

Participants represent a diverse range of organizations from different countries. The EDS Faculty shall leverage on this global diversity to guide you on how to think, negotiate, compete, and conduct business across borders.

Like you, all the participants in the EDS Professional CEO Program will be leaders and entrepreneurs who have nurtured their companies from the ground up. They have experienced the rewards when decisions are right—and the penalties when decisions are wrong.

The program does more than simply provide information—it transforms you. The key to this process, and one of the most rewarding aspects of the program, is constant interaction with successful entrepreneurs and top academia who share similar passions and concerns.

Seminar Fees are FREE

Participants need to pay US$690 (RM2,000) to cover the following expenses:

• 9 days and 8 night of hotel accommodation at B-Suite Hotel in twin-sharing,
• Breakfast and lunch during the seminar,
• Transport provided from and from Penang Airport for participants,
• Welcoming dinner and fellowship night,
• Penang Heritage City Tour,
• Lectures guide, training materials, and stationery,
• Certificate of Participants,
• Professional fees for trainers / lecturers,

The full fee for this Professional CEO Program is US$3,000 (RM9,000), excluding hotel accommodation.


CEO Program Brochure >>> Click Here
CEO Program Application Form >>> Click Here

Distinguished Faculty

Professor Dr. Premkumar, BBA(Mel), MBA(UUM), PhD (USM)

Associate Professor Dr. Premkumar is one of the Asia’s leading Business Strategic and Supply Chain trainer and researcher with more than 15 years of hands-on-experience. He obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy in Supply Chain Management with University Science of Malaysia (USM) and he is currently holding a Strategic Program Manager position in a MNC.

Besides conducting trainings throughout Malaysia, Australia and Vietnam, Dr. Premkumar has also travel to India, Indonesia, England and USA to present his latest research in the international conference. Among the topics he has presented was “Seminar On Leadership In Logistics & The Latest Trends In Supply Chain Management”, “Design Option for Sustainable Logistics System Management and e-Business” and “The determinants of Supply Chain Partnering”. His recent research on SCM was also published in Emerald World Library, Oct 2005. Beside this he has written a chapter for a SCM book which would be published in Australia, May 2006.

Associate Professor WH Loh, BSc, MA-Econs , DBA(Candidate)

Associate Professor Loh is a highly requested trainer, facilitator, and Marketing Consultant. Drawing on his more than 15 years of hand-on experience as a Marketing Practitioner and currently he is the Senior Marketing Manager of one of the global Big 4 Accounting and Management Consulting firm in Malaysia. He delivers high-energy, practical-driven, experiential workshops that enhance personal, professional, and organizational development. Professor Loh’s unique approach for connecting with people includes a blend of humor, creative teaching techniques, and practical applications.

Professor Loh also provides customized training, and facilitation to local, state, national, and international organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Vietnam. He is the leading Strategic and Marketing Management trainer for EDS Asia-Pacific. He obtained his B.Sc and Master of Arts in Economics from Dalhousie University, Canada and currently pursuing his final year of Doctoral degree in Business Administration with University of Newcastle, Australia.

Dr. Harwindar Singh, ACCA(UK), FPNA(Aust), DBA(USA)

Dr. Harwindar Singh is a consultant and trainer in the area of corporate strategic, managing change, financial analysis, credit evaluation, loan recovery, strategic financial management, financial modeling, and other management, risk and strategy related topics.

Dr. Harwindar has more than 22 years of experience in various industries, working initially for a manufacturing multi-national corporation (MNC), then commercial banking with emphasis on credit marketing and business development and is now a well regarded business consultant whose business advisory services are much sought after.

As a corporate trainer, he has worked with Bank Negara Malaysia and Danamodal, Bank Industri, Standard Chartered Bank, the Maybank Group, Telekom Malaysia, NEC Semi-conductors, STAR, Australian Society of CPAs, Association of Finance Companies Malaysia (AFCM), Kontena Nasional, Petronas… and many others.

Dr. Harwindar graduated as an accountant in 1984 as a member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA, UK). He is currently a Fellow Professional Accountant (FPNA) of the NIA and also a Fellow member of The Institute of Commercial and Industrial Accountants, Malaysia. He completed his Doctorate in 2004 with the Cambridgeshire University, USA.

For further information and registration, kindly contact:

We Teach The Future Today

48 Lorong Kurau 17, Chai Leng Park, 13700 Prai, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-398 4306, 390 1396 Fax: +604-390 9766
Email: Website:

Well Done Edric Kum and Whitney Lau!

Well Done Edric Kum and Whitney Lau !

You make things happen. We are proud to know your company, Bamboo Catering and Event Planning had being one of the most creative and largest catering company in the northern region of Penisular Malaysia which offering full one-stop catering solution services.

Both of these dynamic entrepreneurs, Edric and Whitney Lau are the EDS MBA students.


GOOD food as well as convenient, friendly and personalised service are what Bamboo Catering and Event Planning is all about. Located in Jalan Kampung Relau, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Bamboo is the largest catering company in the northern region offering full one-stop solution services. It manages everything from food preparation to canopy and stage set-ups, furnishing and entertainment.

Customers have a variety to choose from with Bamboo's halal menu of over 500 food items ranging from local to Asian cuisines.

"Our food is more towards nyonya and Thai cuisines that are spicy and sour to suit our customers' tastes and preferences," says Bamboo executive director Edric Kum.

Edric Kum, the Executive Director of Bamboo Catering and Event Planning

Bamboo's latest attraction is the Chocolate Fountain.

"Many of our customers were curious about the chocolate fountain bec-ause it is new to them. Everybody wants to see what it is and try dipping food items into the warm flowing chocolate," said Kum.

Bamboo's teppanyaki grilled whole lamb is one of its most famous items. Before the grilled meat is served, it is sliced and stir-fried in Korean or black pepper sauce. Venison or deer meat is also available for customers who are looking to try something different.

Another favoured dish is the fried chicken wings with belacan, which Kum said was popular among their re-peat customers. Other popular picks include deep-fried stuffing crab with Thai sauce and grilled stingray with sambal.

Local favourites like asam laksa and char kuih teow are also popular. Customers can also make additional orders for their favourite hawker food.

Bamboo offers different packages to suit customers' needs and budgets. For crowds of 60 guests and above, customers can select the BBQ and teppanyaki packages, golden packages or the jade packages.

Bamboo also has the Malaysia Traditional Packages offering authentic Malay cuisine like ayam masak merah, ayam goreng belacan andrendang daging lembu. The packages come with two different menus and styles that are suitable for lunch and dinner receptions.

For smaller crowds of 30 guests and more, Bamboo offers the buffet-style cocktail reception package which is a combination of local and Western dishes with familiar items like spaghetti, chapatti and satay.

The tea reception menu for 30 to 100 guests costs RM8 per person. The delivery-only package is appropriate for morning and afternoon light refreshments.

Also for deliveries are Bamboo's ben-to sets comprising of the Oriental, Western style, nyonya rice and Bamboo bento sets.

Bamboo's menus include a wide selection of fried rice, curries, fried chicken, seafood, vegetable dishes, fruit salads and desserts.

Customers can select the food they want and place orders and reservations at the company's website

"Our customers can visit our website whenever they want, look through our packages, choose the one that suits them best and select the food they want.

"The ordering process is simple as customers are guided step-by-step through it. This saves time and is very convenient for customers who are too busy to come to us during office hours," said Kum.

Besides being the first catering company to enable customers to make reservations online, Bamboo is also pioneering an interest-free instalment scheme that makes paying easier for their clients.

"We are probably the first catering company in the country to offer customers a pay-by-instalment scheme. Our customers can take their time to settle their bills in 18 months. We think this plan is very convenient for our clients especially those organising housewarmings, who have already spent so much money," said Kum.

Bamboo caters for events of various types and sizes including backyard barbeques, birthday parties, opening ceremonies, dinner parties, buffets, tea receptions, seminars, exhibitions, fund-raisers and company functions.

The catering company can manage crowds from 30 to 10,000 guests and the service also covers Butterworth, Sungai Petani, Taiping, Kedah and Perlis.

"We can manage up to 20 events at different locations in one day. We can cater for events at venues as far as Bukit Kayu Hitam and Ipoh," said Kum.

Bamboo opens daily from 9am to 6pm.

For details and reservations, log on to the company's website or call 04-6469999.


News by EDS Team @ 3 January 2012.

You are welcome to contact EDS Team at +604-3984306 or email at for more information about our "tuition free" 7-day International Residential Advanced Management Programs, or seeking international collaboration / affiliation with EDS Business School.