Saturday, February 16, 2013

Request for Proposal: Literacy Courseware Challenge


Personalized learning will revolutionize the way we think about education.The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is launching a challenge to entice publishers, developers, and entrepreneurs to propose the most innovative digital solutions for engaging, personalized software that helps students with reading and writing. 

The Impact We Intend to Support

Our vision for education is that all students have access to what they need, when they need it. For some this will mean accelerating beyond the fixed pace of today’s classroom. For others it will mean being given opportunities for extended practice of skills or content they have yet to master. For all students, it will mean learning experiences that are tailored specifically to their progress against a clear set of academic standards; receiving constant, actionable information on their progress; and experiencing the deep, one-on-one engagement with their teacher and other students that is often missing from today’s classrooms. We and many others call this vision personalized learning.

We believe that adaptive digital learning tools, or “courseware,” can extend the reach of teachers to make personalized learning possible, particularly for students who are underserved by the current education system. Leading mathematics courseware products have already produced strong evidence that this is possible.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Consequenses for Plagiarizing

Plagiarism afftects 3 key areas:

Your future professional and personal integrity
"Plagiarized work you submit now can come back to haunt you. Additionally, once you've graduated and entered the workforce, there can be legal and long-lasting professional consequences for representing the work of others as your own in a situation where you're being financially compensated for that work."

Your individual professional and academic integrity.
"While there are certain to be immediate consequences tied to accusations of plagiarism, such as failing a course, you're also devaluing your original work and bringing into question the legitimacy of your other accomplishments."

The academic integrity of your school and the value of your degree.
"Widespread accusations of plagiarism at a hurt the reputation of that school and its graduates and can affect the value of your degree from that institution in the marketplace when you're looking for a job after graduation."

Germany's Education Minister resigns after claims that she plagiarised parts of her doctoral thesis 30 years ago
Germany’s education minister, Annette Schavan quit over 'copies' PhD 

Germany's Minister of Education resigned yesterday after a university withdrew her doctorate, having decided she plagiarised parts of her thesis, a claim she has denied.

Monday, February 11, 2013



On 30 May 2012 and 25 September 2012, EDS Business School was honored with an opportunity to make an industrial visit to PKT Logistics Group, to learn about their special and unique management philosophy and observe how their world class logistic function is managed. EDS students and alumni had a one of a kind opportunity to meet the PKT CEO, Honorable Dato' Michael Tio, and listen to his ideas about their company achievements and how PKT is successfully managed. PKT demonstrates a green philosophy better than most.

Due to the overwhelming response from our students and alumni, EDS has been encouraged to organize a third visit to this world class company on 25th February 2013, from 10am - 4pm. All EDS students and alumni are cordially invited to attend the next industrial visit. Lunch will be provided by PKT.

If you've missed the previous visit, arrange your time to join next time for this once in a lifetime opportunity. If you've visited once already, you are welcome to attend the second visit and learn even more.

Why you should join this trip?

1. To meet the key person, Dato' Michael Tio, who transformed the company from a grassroots, “China-man company” into a modern world class company with his dynamic and creative style of management and leadership.
(Find Dato' Michael Tio on Facebook)
2. Learn how to PKT Logistic uses Facebook in their daily operations and increases their productivity and efficiency.
(Find PKT Logistic Group's Facebook)

Understand the branding success of this great employer [雇主品牌], whereby PKT has more 500 people waiting to join their company ! Learn how they were able to successfully go green in their warehouse, wherein they require no air-conditioning in their warehouse, yet they maintain a comfortable working environment. Visit and see that PKT has planted a Pineapple Plantation in the un-occupied land at the PKT plant. It is really quite beautiful, a true “sea of pineapple”.
(Know more about PKT Green Concept )

4. Observe how the company has successfully motivated their employees, by creating the feeling of home and family for them. They have provided a very nice gymnasium there for the employees.
(Know more about PKT Conducive Employee Environment)

Come and see many of the things you have learned about in you MBA and PhD class, demonstrated before your own eyes.


Contact EDS now to book your seat! We can assure you, this will be true learning experience and fruitful study trip !

This industrial visit open for 30 participants, please so don't miss this golden opportunity. All seats are booked on a first come first serve basis.

Look forward to see you on 25 February.

For registration please contact:
·      Mr. Kenny Lee, EDS Business Development Director: 016-4420855, email:
·      Ms. Chloe Ling, EDS KL Administrator: 017-8488109, email: