Thursday, February 14, 2013

Consequenses for Plagiarizing

Plagiarism afftects 3 key areas:

Your future professional and personal integrity
"Plagiarized work you submit now can come back to haunt you. Additionally, once you've graduated and entered the workforce, there can be legal and long-lasting professional consequences for representing the work of others as your own in a situation where you're being financially compensated for that work."

Your individual professional and academic integrity.
"While there are certain to be immediate consequences tied to accusations of plagiarism, such as failing a course, you're also devaluing your original work and bringing into question the legitimacy of your other accomplishments."

The academic integrity of your school and the value of your degree.
"Widespread accusations of plagiarism at a hurt the reputation of that school and its graduates and can affect the value of your degree from that institution in the marketplace when you're looking for a job after graduation."

Germany's Education Minister resigns after claims that she plagiarised parts of her doctoral thesis 30 years ago
Germany’s education minister, Annette Schavan quit over 'copies' PhD 

Germany's Minister of Education resigned yesterday after a university withdrew her doctorate, having decided she plagiarised parts of her thesis, a claim she has denied.

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