Saturday, February 16, 2013

Request for Proposal: Literacy Courseware Challenge


Personalized learning will revolutionize the way we think about education.The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is launching a challenge to entice publishers, developers, and entrepreneurs to propose the most innovative digital solutions for engaging, personalized software that helps students with reading and writing. 

The Impact We Intend to Support

Our vision for education is that all students have access to what they need, when they need it. For some this will mean accelerating beyond the fixed pace of today’s classroom. For others it will mean being given opportunities for extended practice of skills or content they have yet to master. For all students, it will mean learning experiences that are tailored specifically to their progress against a clear set of academic standards; receiving constant, actionable information on their progress; and experiencing the deep, one-on-one engagement with their teacher and other students that is often missing from today’s classrooms. We and many others call this vision personalized learning.

We believe that adaptive digital learning tools, or “courseware,” can extend the reach of teachers to make personalized learning possible, particularly for students who are underserved by the current education system. Leading mathematics courseware products have already produced strong evidence that this is possible.

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