Monday, March 4, 2013

Educational Field Study visit to P1 Wimax on 21 March 2013

May we proudly announce that the EDS Business School has organized another exciting and educational Field Study Visit to the well known P1 Wimax on 21 March 2013. In this connection, we wish to heartily invite and welcome all EDS Alumni, Faculty, and Management Team to attend this noteworthy visit.

P1 is one of the very conspicuous pioneers to vigorously launch WIMAX Services, which is called P1 4G on the 2.3 CHz band in the world. And mind you, the FIRST in Malaysia to bring WIMAX at your doorsteps!
By visiting this great enterprise, you will have the rare opportunity to know more about the P1, especially about its unique management and marketing strategies. You will also have the favorable chance and first hand information about their own well appreciated success story,

The scheduled time of visit will be at 10:00 AM to noontime and 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM. Please note that the P1 parking space is limited, and we therefore encourage you to car pool to avoid parking problem.

For more information, about this great company, kindly visit

For registration, please contact Kenny (016-4220 855 or or Chloe Ling (

We look forward to your eager participation!

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