Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Testimonial by Prof Dr Daphne M. Tequillo-Mallari, EDS/Akamai PhD in Management in 2012


By Daphne M. Tequillo-Mallari
(PhD Management, 2012)

My enrollment at EDS Business School (EDS) started more on curiosity than on knowledge building. Being a Certified Public Accountant whose inclination is on the practicalities of life, I tend to look more on providing solutions to problems rather than on building theories. Thus, similar to people from my profession, getting a higher education is least on my priority list.

My stay at EDS, however, expanded my paradigm. EDS has designed a curriculum in small packages consisting of workable theories that are easy to assimilate, highly practical and mentally stimulating. Designed for executives and professionals, the program may be completed in a year or two depending on the amount of effort and concentration one is willing to give.

This curriculum format is a welcome change from those of us who have been used to the more traditional educational system but it does not end there. The most outstanding feature of EDS is its ability to institute intervention to make a positive difference.

The diploma I received from Akamai University through EDS helped me to believe in my ability and emboldens me to seek new avenues to share my talents with. EDS helped me realize that a diploma is not just a certificate of completion but rather a commitment to contribute an idea, an effort and an action for positive change. I am now connected with the University Research Office of Palawan State University and I have experienced personal and career fulfillment knowing that I am spreading my wings simultaneously learning, sharing and contributing to my university in a new way.

This for me is what EDS stands for.

Professor Dr Daphne M. Tequillo-Mallari
Deputy Research Director
Palawan State University

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