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Atif Hassan at IFSU Main Campus

Atif Hassan, our PhD candidate shares his experience on attending the International Residential PhD in Management program at Ifugao State University's main campus, Lamut, Ifugao, Philippiness.

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines, which have become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture and art.

Studying at the IFSU main campus was a wholesome edutainment experience. As it was a beautiful blend of study, tourism and cultural entertainment. I can never forget the memories of the warmest welcome we received from the University President and his top management, faculty and students of the Ifugao State University (IFSU) on our arrival to its main campus for attending our doctoral residency study session.

Meeting with Dr Serafin Ngohayon , President of Ifugao State University at his Presidential Office at the Administrative Building at the main campus, Lamut Ifugao.

I am really impressed by the magical personality of Dr Serafin L. Ngohayon, he is a true professional and very dignified person. I must appreciate the competence and program organization ability of EDS staff under the esteemed leadership of Prof Dr Ben Lee. From Manila to Cauayan and during our stay at Ifugao and from Tuguegarao to Manila, EDS staff arranged every event very professionally and showed hospitality whenever interacted.

Visit the Ifugao Rice Terrace with fellow students from China and Vietnam. The Ifugao Rice Terraces are 2,000-year old terraces that were carved into the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by ancestors of the indigenous people. The Rice Terraces are commonly referred to by Filipinos as the "Eighth Wonder of the World".

The main campus of IFSU is situated in the Province of Ifugao. Surrounded by hand-carved rice terraces which are featured in the World Heritage Foundation List and considered one of the eight wonders of the world, the famed terraces are a marvelous engineering feat achieved by the ancients to maximize use of the land for food production.

With fellow students at the IFSU Centre for Foreign and Japanese Studies.

I went IFSU main campus (Philippines) for my PhD study, but the President of the University asked me to give lecture to their faculty and management. It was a wonderful experience to interact with the academicians at the Center for Foreign and Japan Studies.

Greeting by IFSU University President and his senior management team.

News by EDS Team @ 29 July 2013 

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Joyce Bodah Testimonial

A Tribute to EDS Business School and IFSU by Dr Joyce A. Bodah

Joyce A. Bodah defense her DBA dissertation at Kuala Lumpur on February 2013. With fellow examiners (from left to right) Prof Dr Nelson T. Binag, Dr Balakrishnan Muniapan, Joyce Bodah, Dr Faith Basilio and Prof Dr Ben Lee.

I wish to thank all my professors from EDS Business School for all the things I’ve learned from them. In our quest for knowledge while working full time, EDS, in collaboration with the Ifugao State University (IFSU), has made it possible for us to obtain a degree in spite of the demands of work, family and relationships, and community/church organizations where we belong.

I am happy to complete my degree and still had quality time for other important things and people in my life. When I was making some of my assignments and started writing my dissertation, it was when our baby was born and it was quite challenging knowing that the first 3 to 5 years of a child’s development is the most critical stage. I believe that I don’t need to forsake the important things and people entrusted to me just to flow with the world’s pace and trends. But as important as my family, I had to finish my degree because I believe that it is one way of helping the institution where God placed me to serve and earn a living.

Organizations, like my University, need to upgrade their human resources most especially the faculty members to improve their services to the students who are the most important people in the University– the reason for its existence and the object of the attainment of the University vision-mission.

Joyce A. Bodah received her Certificate of Completion from Prof Dr Ben Lee during the Closing Ceremony for the November 2008 MBA and DBA/PhD International Residential Study session.

A university’s faculty profile reflects the quality of services it provides. With EDS’ professors being expert in the field of business and management, they have equipped us with the knowledge and attitudes required to better perform our duties and functions. In these trying times, what employers and organizations need are people who are not only equipped with knowledge and skills but also with attitudes. In my assignment in Creating World Class Organizations, Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great which is based on his team’s research on the characteristics of good companies that were turned great, they found that the right person in the organization that could help the leader in making theorganization great “has more to do with character traits and innate capabilities than with specific knowledge, background, or skills”.

Group photo taken during the November 2008 MBA and DBA/PhD closing ceremony in Penang, Malaysia.

Further, the experience I had in pursuing the DBA degree from Ifugao State University in collaboration with EDS in Malaysia, was enriching and thus remarkable. It provides opportunities to see the other parts of this world and actually learn from it. Going to Malaysia for the International Residential Study was where I actually had a better picture of such concepts as globalization and its impact to the world and its various units and elements. Exposure to the wonders of my own country due to classes held in other partner-universities in other parts of the country, have delighted me to know that my country is truly a place worthy to be proud of. The diverse cultures and languages, beliefs and opinions, and the different personality characteristics of the people met and encountered, have offered rich insights in life and enlightenment of the reality of this present world.

Field study visit to Robert Bosch, a multi-national manufactures of car multimedia products and power tools.

Furthermore, then on - traditional modes of classes/lectures in EDS were both substantial and exciting. Use of technology-aided instructional materials by the professors was so effective that they could hold the attention of the students even for very long hours. The compressed lectures were augmented by the travels, guided study tours to local and multinational corporations, group dynamics, tourism-related activities, guided requirements or assignments, and on-line searches, among others.

At the EDS International Welcoming Dinner and the Networking Night.

It is hoped that from the education we received through this program between IFSU and EDS, we shall better contribute in turning our organization into a great one that would truly make valuable impacts on the people it serves and the communities it touches.

Joyce A. Bodah 
(IFSU/EDS DBA Graduate)
Director for Planning
Ifugao State University
Lamut, Ifugao

Date: 22nd July 2013 

News by EDS Team @ 29 July 2013 

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