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Testimonial by Prof Dr Lee Karling

Testimonial and Reflections as Faculty 
with EDS Business School 

 By: Professor Dr. Lee Kar Ling

Professor Dr Lee Karling is one of the EDS Senior Faculty, and also a World Class Talent and Human Resource trainer.

Greetings to all as we look forward to another exciting year in 2014! With the New Year in the fore, I would like to take stock of the achievements, awards, and exciting developments with EDS Business School for 2013.

Personally, as Senior Faculty member of EDS, I have learnt much from both the Postgraduate candidates that I facilitate as well as via sharing from other Faculty members. EDS is truly different in the sense that its syllabus is very practical and hands-on and it is able to bring to the workshops a sense of ‘Reality’ which many other postgraduate programs are unable to do. Such practical information and consolidation or integration with the theoretical concepts have provided the postgraduate candidates with the required skills and competencies to design and execute changes within their organizations upon returning home from the ‘learning’ sessions with EDS Faculty.

Professor Dr Lee Karling at Mindoro State University in Capalan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines, facilitated the EDS CEO Competency Course during September 2013.

The sessions are also very lively and interesting as two-way communication is often forged between the Faculty and postgraduates of EDS. This not only stimulates the minds to indulge in critical thinking, but also helps both the postgraduate candidates and the Faculty to delve deeper into a particular concept or theory in order to ‘operationalize’ it more effectively at the workplace.

Professor Dr Lee Karling conducted the MBA and PhD classes at King Park Avenue Hotel in Bangkok on October 2012.

The interactions from such exercise are truly an experience that must be ‘felt’ personally and no vicarious learning could ever replace the interactions provided in EDS’ workshops or learning sessions.

Professor Dr Lee Karling conducted the Cinese MBA class at the EDS Executive Learning Centre located at the IOI Boulevard in Kuala Lumpur.

Another unique value proposition of EDS' programs and workshop is that they are conducted in various languages such as English, Mandarin, and even Vietnamese! This is truly a unique feature as the Bi-lingual sessions provides an opportunity for native speakers of specific languages (Eg: Vietnamese) to be exposed and tuned to the use of English, yet, having a Bi-lingual facilitator to execute the translation.

Professor Dr Lee Karling conducted the PhD in Management classes with Vietnamese tutorial support at King Park Avenue Hotel in Bangkok on October 2012.

This adds value to the learning as the participants not only learns about the practical skills, competencies, and theoretical knowledge provided, but at the same time, is able to commence their absorption of another language which will provide them with an additional comparative advantage upon graduation.

Professor Dr Lee Karling at Puerto Princesa City, the main campus of Palawan State University, Philippines to facilitate the EDS CEO Competency Course on September 2013.

Besides the Bi-lingual nature of some of the workshops, another unique feature of the program is that the workshops or sessions are conducted in various locations such as Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and China with more countries to come.

Professor Dr Karling successfully delivered the International Residential Advanced Management Program in Chengdu, China, during 25 to 31 August 2011.

With the opportunity to travel and explore different countries and locations, postgraduate and entrepreneurial candidates of EDS will have the opportunity to observe and review the business practices of these countries, and to learn to appreciate the business cultures inherent in these countries. Such an experience is not easy to come by, and thus far, only one other postgraduate provider for FULL Time candidates is able to do that, but, on a less organized, less systematic, and less frequent manner as compared to EDS.

Professor Dr Karling with our students from Vietnam and at Chengdu, China during our International Residential MBA and PhD program at King Park Avenue Hotel in Bangkok on October 2012.

EDS on the other hand, caters to working professionals with busy schedules to come together and network in all the above countries. It is an amazing achievement for EDS to be able to bring together working professionals of diverse cultural backgrounds to come together for experience sharing. The cultural experiences obtained are highly valued by the participants of EDS programs and workshop and brings to them a priceless experience that no amount of textbooks can provide!

Prof Dr Karling facilitated the PhD in Educational Management Program at the EDS Executive Learning Centre in Kuala Lumpur on October 2013.

This achievement is very true too as the postgraduate who had undergone EDS’s programs and workshops have all advanced in their careers either via internal promotions or external job opportunities. This is due to the value obtained from the EDS workshops that allowed the working professionals to apply what they have learnt when they return from EDS’s workshops or sessions. This type of opportunity is often not as effectively provided by other postgraduate programs due to the intense focus of other programs on theories without execution or application.

Prof Dr Karling with Prof Dr Ben Lee, Founder and President of EDS Business School at the EDS 2013 Convocation on 17 November 2013 at Gurney Resort Hotel, Penang, Malaysia. 

EDS is also an exciting organization to be associated with! The Founder and President/CEO, Professor Dr. Ben Lee is a visionary with strong business acumen and a commitment to education excellence. Various recognitions and accolades given to EDS via awards received is testimony to the commitment of Prof. Dr. Ben Lee to education excellence in all spheres. Backed up by an efficient and highly committed team, EDS is poised to scale new heights in 2014 and beyond!

I am pleased to be associated with the EDS team as I have grown too from the learning experiences obtained via the Bi-lingual sessions, and the exciting travels with EDS. It has truly expanded my horizons and inspired me to pursue excellence in every spheres of my life.

KUDOS to EDS for 2013 achievements and we look forward to more exciting events and accolades with EDS in 2014!

Professor Dr. LEE Kar Ling(PhD, HRM) 
EDS Senior Facilitator / Faculty Visiting Professor:
- Ifugao State University, Philippines
- Laguna State Polytechnic University, Philippines
- Akamai University, USA
- Euro College, Kumanovo, Macedonia
Skype: karling668

PhD Research Competency Workshop

Invitation to the 4-Day "Tuition Free" International Residential 


Date: 15th to 18th March 2014 
Venue: King Park Avenue Hotel, Bangkok

The Joint EDS Business School, Malaysia and the Ifugao State University, Philippines’s Residential PhD Research Competency Workshop is a unique opportunity for DBA and PhD students and junior researchers to share knowledge, discuss a variety of topics, refine your research questions and shape your research proposal. In addition the workshops provide an excellent networking opportunity through all sorts of social events enabling future collaborations.

Only 8 "Tuition Free" seats available. First Come, First Served. 
Participants only need to pay USD950 to cover the cost for the hotel accommodation (twin sharing) check-in on 14 March and check-out on 19 March 2014; breakfast and lunch; training notes and other incidental expenses. 

 The topic cover includes: 
 • Introduction: Basic Choices in Research Design 
 • Basic Choices in Research Design
 • Qualitative and Case Study Research 
 • The Process of Quantitative Data Analysis
 • Guidance on Research Proposal
 • Findings and Discussion 

This 4-day doctoral research program will provide a state of the art in business and entrepreneurship research and a practical overview of some research tools and methodologies that are used in the research domains of business administration, entrepreneurship, marketing and supply chain. An overview of different research methodologies and their respective advantages and disadvantages will be presented and discussed. Basic principles will be illustrated by discussing journal articles and work in progress. The workshop is designed as such that a maximum of 20 students can participate in order to enhance interaction and group learning.

Each of the participants will be able to identify how his/her research topic fits into the overall methodological scenery. More specifically, the students will have the opportunity to develop their topic and make informed methodological decisions through interaction with experienced academics and peers.

Note: Hands-on exercises will be given during seminar whenever is appropriate. 

The Certificate of Achievement in Doctoral Research Competency Workshop will be awarded upon completion of the 4 days training workshop.

Distinguished Faculty

Professor Dr. Premkumar 
BBA (Mel), MBA (UUM), PhD (USM) 

Professor Dr. Premkumar is one of the Asia’s leading Business Strategic and Supply Chain trainer and a renown Researcher with more than 18 years of hands-on-experience. He obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy in Supply Chain Management with University Science of Malaysia (USM).

Besides conducting trainings in San Jose, USA, Shanghai, France, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines and Vietnam, Dr. Premkumar has also travel to India, Indonesia, England and USA to present his latest research in the international conference. Among the topics he has presented was “Seminar On Leadership In Logistics & The Latest Trends In Supply Chain Management”, “Design Option for Sustainable Logistics System Management and e-Business” and “The determinants of Supply Chain Partnering”. His recent research on SCM was also published in Emerald World Library.

Professor Dr Premkumar is currently the President and Vice Chancellor of AIMST University in Kedah, Malaysia.

For further information and registration, please contact Dr Ben Lee at .

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Global Partnership between IFSU and EDS Business School.

Global Partnership between Ifugao State University, Philippines and EDS Business School, Malaysia

Prof Dr Serafin Ngohayon and Prof Dr Ben Lee signed MOA on 30 April 2008 at IFSU Main Campus, Nayon, Ifugao, Philippines.

Official signing of Memorandun of Agreement between Ifugao State University, Philippines and EDS Business School, Malaysia to offer the transnational MBA, Master of Arts in Education, DBA, PhD in Management and PhD in Educational Management for working professional in Asia. This MOA was signed by Professor Dr Serafin L. Ngohayon, President of IFSU and Professor Dr Ben Lee, President of EDS at the Nayon main campus, Ifugao Province on 30 April 2008.

Through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by IFSU & EDS Business School in Penang, Malaysia which was confirmed by the IFSU Board of Regents (BOR) as per BOR Resolution Number 103 s.2011, IFSU pursued being global by accommodating foreign students.

The operation of IFSU’s TNE program was anchored in Article 1.1 of Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Order No. 2, s.2008 which states that “CHED recognizes that globalization, changing foreign policies, and liberalization of trade in goods and services worldwide have created a climate of borderless teaching and learning as well as expanded the opportunities for transnational education.”

EDS Business School Graduation Ceremony 2013

In full operation, IFSU through the confirmation of the BOR as per BOR Resolution Number 359 s. 2013, the university graduated 19 Vietnamese and Malaysian students last November 17, 2013 at Penang, Malaysia.

The graduates for the degree on Doctor of Philosophy are: Ly Minh Chieu, Nguyen Ngoc Tuyen; Doctor in Business Administration are: Hoang Mai Hoa, Le Minh Tam, Le Quang Thiet, Mai Thi Thanh Thu, Nguyen Duc Cuong, Nguyen Khanh Du, Nguyen Quang Anh, Nguyen Xuan Nhan, Vo Duy Nghi and Vo Mai Do Quyen; and Master in Business Administration are: Ho Duc Hiep, Dang Thi Dan,Hoang Ngoc Hai, Mai Kim Dinh, Nguyen Quang Long, Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh, and Pham Bich Vi. More students are currently enrolled with IFSU’s TNE & Extension Programs and are expected to finish their degrees as scheduled.

News by EDS Team @ 24 November 2013 

You are welcome to contact EDS Team at +604-3984306 or email at for more information about our International Residential MBA and DBA/PhD in Management Programs, or interest to be our Students Recruitment Representative in your City.