Sunday, September 7, 2014

Akamai University International Residential PhD by Research Classes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Welcome our Akamai PhD students from Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia for attending the PhD Research Competency Workshop at EDS Executive Learning Centre, IOI Boulevard Puchong, Kuala Lumpur.

Date: 6-8 September 2014
Venue: EDS Executive Learning Centre, IOI Boulevard Puchong

Business leaders can no longer afford to continue doing business without the critical skills necessary for success. To address this challenge, Akamai teaches the fundamentals of business, emphasizing practical skills important to the "real world" of corporate and business administration in a manner that is applicable to the regional and business challenges of the participant.

In an increasingly competitive global environment, organizations need to develop managers capable of dealing with complexity and change. Akamai delivers the dynamic frameworks that enable NGO, business and corporate leaders to quickly adapt to changing conditions and seize new opportunities as they emerge. Advanced study at Akamai University provides an effective path to the Ph.D. in Management via a major research project for working executives, nonprofit managers, and professional businessmen and businesswomen.

Prof Dr Lee Karling facilitated the Akamai PhD Research Competency Workshop.

Through our faculty strengths, Akamai has assembled the essentials of business knowledge and basic principles, Akamai presents business specializations in a wide array of major concentrations, permitting participants to personalize their overall program of study through unique research projects.

Prof Dr Lee Karling guided PhD students in the research discussion.

PhD students in group discussion about their research topic.

Please feel free to contact us if you are keen to pursue Akamai PhD by Research. Kindly email to Prof Dr Ben Lee at or call +6016-4462200.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Heartiest Congratulation to Prof. Dr. Tirso Ronquillo for being elected as the President of Batangas State University, Philippines.

Heartiest Congratulation to Prof. Dr. Tirso Ronquillo for being elected as the President of Batangas State University, Philippines!

Dr. Ronquillo is a graduate of Akamai University PhD in Management program. 

The Batangas State University is a public university established in 1903 and has a total of 10 campuses in Batangas: two main, two satellites, and six extension campuses with more than 37,000 students population in 2014.

" One thing commendable about EDS, through the determined leadership of Dr. Ben Lee, is its ability to engage excellent and well seasoned lecturers who can deliver the best training to the participants. "

For further details, visit Batangas State University on Wikipedia and our Blog.

News by EDS Team @ 30 March 2014 

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Professional HR Specialist Program

Invitation to the
6-Day "Free Tuition Fees" EDS International Residential 

Professional HR Specialist Program 
… open to participants from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia 

Venue: EDS Executive Learning Centre, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Date: 7 – 12 August, 2014


In a business environment where the only constant is change, all firms face a profound challenge: How do you leverage your human capital to gain competitive advantage? This advanced HR program examines the strategic impact of human resources and delivers dynamic frameworks that enable your organization to quickly adapt to changing conditions and seize new opportunities as they emerge.

Managers today must be effective at simultaneously monitoring current performance, managing incremental innovation, and leading more revolutionary or discontinuous change efforts. The EDS Professional HR Specialist Program explores how to manage this delicate balancing act by emphasizing methods to align HR strategy with the overall business strategy.

This Advanced HR Program is led by experienced leaders in the field and designed to help human resource professionals to acquire the latest HR knowledge, methods, and skills needed to meet the challenges of today's changing workplace and workforce. Whether you want to develop effective management skills, seek professional advancement, or gain professional recognition, this program will provide the hands-on skills to empower you in your career.

Upon completion of this special program, participants will be able:
 • To align the HR function to the business unit and the corporate strategy.
 • To re-brand HR as strategic function within the organization.
 • To avoid costly mistakes when hiring and dealing with HR issues.
 • To understand the relationship between leadership and organizational culture.

EDS Professional HR Specialist Program 
is pathway to the MBA in HRM and PhD in HRM. 

PHRS Program Brochure >>> Click Here
PHRS Program Registration Form >>> Click Here

Thursday, 07 August 2014 
Advanced HR Seminar on Talent Management- Strategic Talent Acquisition 

Friday, 08 August 2014 
Advanced HR Seminar on Talent Management – Strategic Talent Retention 

Saturday, 09 August 2014 
Advanced HR Seminar on Performance Management – The Performance Measurement System 

Sunday, 10 August 2014 
Advanced HR Seminar on Performance Management – Measuring Performances via KRAs and KPIs 

Monday & Tuesday, 11 – 12 August 2014 
Advanced HR Seminar on Developing EQ Leadership and Team Development

Participants need to pay US$690 to cover the following costs:
 • 8 days and 7 night of hotel accommodation at Hotel Sri Sutra in twin-sharing,
 • For single occupancy accommodation participants need to pay additional USD160 to cover the room cost,
 • Breakfast and lunch during the seminar,
 • Welcoming dinner,
 • Lectures guide, training materials, and stationery,
 • Certificate of Participants,
 • Admin and Handling fees and other incidental cost

Participant need to pay additional US$300 to cover the following expenses for spouse:
 • Sharing room with spouse for 8 days and 7 night,
 • Breakfast and lunch during the seminar,
 • Welcoming dinner

Power of International Networking 
Join a network of well-informed, action oriented colleagues who are committed to the success and welfare of their businesses and the industry. EDS Professional HR Specialist Program is designed to optimize the learning experience of participants. Knowledge exchanges are built into the curriculum, learning groups provide opportunities for exploring issues across business and cultural boundaries, and social activities promote a spirited camaraderie that leads to deep and lasting connections. Many EDS alumni keep in close contact with one another as well as the EDS faculty by attending EDS reunions and other alumni events, embarking on joint business ventures, and contacting one another for business ideas, advice, and guidance.

EDS Community Service Project 
The objectives of EDS Community Service Project is to share the latest management practices, success ideas, inspiration and insights to help entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, managers and executives of business organization and non-governmental organizations (NGO) across countries, across cultures to enhance their competitiveness in today’s challenging business environment and to improve their operation efficiency through a series of Advanced Management and Leadership Program sponsored by EDS BUSINESS SCHOOL (MALAYSIA).

This Community Service Project is also the platform to encourage CEO, Directors, NGO Leaders, Academia, Managers and Senior Executives towards continuous lifelong learning.

EDS Certificate of Achievement in Professional HR Specialists Program will be awarded upon fulfilling the following conditions:

• Participants must attend each module in a punctual manner, remain in attendance for the full duration of each module, dress appropriately (short pants and slippers not permitted), and comply with the directions and expectations of the instructor during each session.

 This Certificate will be evidence of your personal and professional development.


Thu & Fri, 07 – 08 August 2014 
2 Days Advanced HR Seminar on 
Performance Management via KRA and KPI
(Facilitated by: Prof. Dr Karling)

Many organizations and its management personnel often lament the lack of appropriately subjective measures to determine the extent of contribution and the organization’s human capital is giving to the organization. Although the organization has invested much in building up the competencies and capabilities of its human capital, there are insufficient information and measures to provide a clear indication of the extent of the people’s contribution to the organization despite the high levels of competencies and capabilities. Therefore, organizations need to be aware of the types and nature of measures available to assist the organization in determining the people’s contribution to the organization.

Objective: The objective of the module is to provide HR Professionals and management personnel with the knowledge and skills required to design and implement KRAs and KPIs to manage individual performances in the organization.

Delivery Methodologies: Facilitation, discussions and experiential learning

Brief Module Content:
 • Overview on the use of KRAs and KPIs as tools for performance measurement
 • Understanding KRAs and identification of appropriate KRAs for different categories of tasks and positions
 • Goal setting as part of performance measurement system
 • Defining KPIs and the linkage between KRAs, Goal setting and KPIs
 • Developing appropriate KRAs and KPIs for specific jobs or tasks
 • Measuring performances based on KRAs, goals and KPIs

Sat & Sun, 09 – 10 August 2014 
2 Days Advanced HR Seminar on  
Talent Management via Strategic Talent Acquisition and Retention 
(Facilitated by: Dr. Lee Karling)

The phrase ‘the war for talent’ was devised by McKinsey and Company in 1997, and has today become a buzz word for progressive organizations keen on building, maintaining, and enhancing their pool of talented and high achieving employees. Over the next 20 years, the biggest challenge for these progressive organizations would be on how to attract, retain, build, and improve these talents to drive organization performance. Unfortunately, although talk is rife, reality is totally different.

Many organizations are still unprepared to invest (financially, generally, but also mentally) in activities that are necessary to nurture and groom these top performers to go beyond their limitations. Some organizations opined that just merely pumping in money to buy talent would be adequate, and go into shock when the talents purchased falls flat on expectations! What went wrong?

This workshop will provide information and strategies required to attract, build, retain, and enhance existing talent to move them to a higher level to ensure continuous performance at the highest possible level. However, it MUST be understood that talent management is NOT the sole responsibility of HR, but, for Talent management to be effective, ALL line management must be held accountable.

Course Objectives: 
At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:
1. Provide information on what talent management is and the reasons for organizations to focus on talent management
2. Know the areas required for effective talent management
3. Have In-depth awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the strategies available for ensuring effective talent management based on the key areas
4. Appreciate the value and importance of employer branding in winning the war for talent

2 Days Seminar on 
Developing EQ Leadership & Team Development 
(Facilitated by: Dr. Balakrishnan Muniappan)

Globalization, rapid technological innovations and increasing customer demands in the New Millennium poses many challenges to organizations and their employees. Management team and their employees in the new millennium need to respond to such challenges with a new mind-set and they must be prepared to upgrade themselves to be multi-skilled, flexible and adaptable.

It is therefore a challenge for managers and senior executives to be able to facilitate the creation of an environment that is conductive to motivate their team members / employees and themselves to effectively respond to such challenges in order to achieve their personal and organizational objectives.

This 2-day Leadership Seminar has been specially designed to guide participants in all the critical areas that are important to lead and motivate the team members / employees in their organization, and to enhance their leadership skills.

 • To understand the concepts of Organization Behavior
 • To understanding human behavior and their inter-relationships
 • To enhance your EQ leadership skills
 • To distinguish between Core Competency and Distinctive Competency
 • To motivate and lead with passion
 • To nurturing the culture of quality and enterprise.

Distinguished Faculty

Dr. Lee Karling, PhD

Dr. Karling obtained her PhD from USM in early 2008. Her area of specialization is in Human Resource Management (HRM) with an emphasis on human resource development and learning. Her interest is also in industrial psychology and human behaviors at work. She has been involved in continuous research in linking personalities with job function and performance and hopes to present a research paper late next year. She also specializes in DOE (design of experiment) for the HRM function, specifically for HR development.

Dr. Karling has many years of working experience in both the manufacturing and service industries with more years in the service industry as Head of Department. She has been involved in corporate training for more than 15 years and is a Certified Trainer from ACAP Australia. She also holds a unique Graduate Certificate in Adult Teaching and Learning from RMIT University, Australia.

She is currently on a retainer with a listed local company as a HR consultant in all HR related matters from HR planning and recruitment to industrial relations. The consultancy work also extents to the subsidiaries of the listed company.

Dr. Karling specializes in HRM related training as well as specific interpersonal skills and workplace behavior training aimed at improving workplace efficiency, effectiveness and relationships. She is committed to assisting organizations in their human resource development endeavors and specializes in assisting organizations design, execute, and feedback on training evaluation system for continuous development in the organization’s human resource development efforts. Her current passion is in cross-generation management focusing on assisting organizations in tapping into the potentials of the millennial workforce and providing guidance to senior management in maximizing the talent of the new generation (Gen Y).

She is also able to provide training workshops in specific supply chain management areas, specifically inventory management, warehouse system design, and purchasing management for effective cost down.

Dr. Balakrishnan Muniapan, B.Econs(UKM), MSc.HR (UK), DBA (Phil) 

Dr. Balakrishnan Muniapan, has over 15 years of experience in Talent and Human Resource training, consultancy and advisory. He is the EDS Senior Faculty and also a Senior Academic at a Wawasan Open University in Penang, Malaysia. Dr Bala has conducted training and consultancy programs for more than 50 organizations within Malaysia and in Asia. 

Prior to his involvement in academic, he was in production management with Sharp Roxy Coporation, a large Japanese MNC at his hometown in Sungai Petani, Kedah. 

As a consultant & trainer in HRM & HRD, he has vast experience in conducting training & consultancy programs for more than 50 organizations within Malaysia & in Asia. As an academic involved in research & development, Bala has published over 50 research papers & articles in several international journals, conference proceedings & in books. As a speaker in HRM & HRD, Bala is frequently honored as an invited speaker on HRM & HRD issues at several national & international conferences & seminars. He has presented papers at conferences & seminars in countries within Asia, Australia, Africa & Europe.

PHRS Program Brochure >>> Click Here
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For further information and registration, kindly contact our Official Representatives in your Country or EDS Head Office in Penang, Malaysia

48 Lorong Kurau 17, Chai Leng Park, 13700 Prai, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-398 4306, 390 1396 Fax : +604-390 9766
Website: and 

Prof. Dr. Nelson T. Binag, 
EDS International Consultant (Philippines)
Tel: +639089583837        Email:

Prof. Dr. Ben Lee, 
President and Founder (Malaysia)
Tel: +60164462200        Email:

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Testimonial by Dr Hoang Mai Hoa, our Doctor of Business Administration graduate with Ifugao State University.

I studied my DBA in EDS since 2010 from the curiosity of mine about the residential program which including workshops, field trips and other interaction activities in Penang rather than just classroom lectures and researches alike other programs. My first impression was the hospitality from the admin team to pick up us at the airport till checking in hotel and arrange other facilities and supports that helped foreign students being comfortable.

I enjoyed the workshops which differentiate the teaching method of wide interactions from Professors and students, what I learnt here not only the knowledge and great expertise from Professors but also the way how EDS and Professors developed and shared expertise. On top of knowledge, it is the inspiration from Professors to pursue further education and great coach whenever i got stuck in researching the desertation. Without the encouragement from Dr. Ben Lee and my supervisor Dr. Arivalan, my achievement of DBA would have much more difficult.

Another studying leverage is the diversity of student groups from other countries and different disciplines are enable better learning environment. It is greater learning opportunities from others.

Other than just studying, the networks after graduation is something i appreciate, it demonstrates practical learning continuously through networks and still support each other in term of bringing knowledge to life by sharing practices.

Last but not least, i learnt from EDS the way it operates the processes in supporting and promoting higher education. If having any concern, just need to call or email EDS, i will get the answer and support required before, during and after studying.

I graduated with the commitment of sharing, developing others and being humble to learn to set a modelling for others. It is the inspirational message from EDS at the Convocation. These messages are always in my heart going along my career and my life.

Best regards, 
Hoa Mai Hoa, DBA 
Human Resource Manager 
Baker Hughes Incorporated 

Note: Baker Hughes is the third world largest Oil and Gas technical service

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Buddhist Monks Enjoy Participation in EDS Residential Seminars in Bangkok, Thailand, during 15 - 21 March 2014

His Holiness Tran Van Anh and his fellow venerable monks and nuns with Dr Douglass Capogrossi, President of Akamai University and EDS Faculty, Dr Andrew Jebamani, Prof Dr Ly Minh Chieu and Dr Pham Quoc Luyen.

EDS Business School was highly honored to have fourteen Buddhist Monks and Nuns, led by His Holiness Tran Van Anh, the Chief Monk from Vientam, in attendance at the EDS International Residential MBA and PhD in Management Programs held at the King Park Avenue Hotel, in Bangkok, Thailand, on 15 - 21 March 2014.

Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, President at Akamai University, also in attendance, stated that the monks were very friendly and easily socialized with the other attendees. They participated at a praiseworthy level within the seminar classes.

EDS seminar faculty admired the monk’s determination for continuous lifelong learning and desire to seek new knowledge in the contemporary culture. We were impressed by their level of trust the monks showed in the quality of the education provided by EDS Business School.

His Holiness Tran Van Anh and his fellow venerable monks and nuns having discussion with Prof Dr Ben Lee, the President and Founder of EDS Business School

MBA class in progress

Case study and brain storming during the PhD in Management class.

His Holiness Tran Van Anh together with Viva Examiners congratulate Master Tu Thanh Dat for successfully defense his PhD dissertation

News by EDS Team @ 3 April 2014 

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Testimonial Regarding EDS International Residential Study in Bangkok by Hon. Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, President of Akamai University.

Hon. Dr Douglass Capogrossi with EDS/Akamai Senior Faculty, Prof Dr Premkumar, Prof Dr Karling and Prof Dr Harwindar Singh at the Welcoming Dinner on 15 March 2014 at King Park Avenue Hotel, Bangkok. 

The gathering of educators and graduate students at King Park Avenue Hotel in Bangkokfrom 15 to 20 March proved an outstanding success, to say the very least.

The Welcoming Dinner acknowledged the achievements of University leaders from USA, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. I enjoyed the smiles on the faces of my friends: Dr. Serafin Ngohayon, Dr. Nelson Binag, Prof Dr. Premkumar Rajagopal, Dr. Harwindar Singh, Dr. Ben Lee, Prof Dr Le Minh Chieu, Dr. Pham Quoc Luyen, Dr. Lee Karling, Dr Balakrishnan Muniapan, and Dr. Andrew Jebamani, and the many other guests in attendance.

The student in attendance genuinely appeared to be enjoying the dinner gathering and the presentations of the honored guests. I was proud to be able to take the opportunity to announce the appointment of Dr. Ben Lee, as the Akamai University Vice President for Asia Business and Education Programs.

Hon. Dr Douglass Capogrossi announce the appointment of Prof Dr. Ben Lee, as the Akamai University Vice President for Asia Business and Education Programs. 

I was fortunate to spend time observing the EDS seminar classes and was highly impressed, across the board, with the quality of the instructors and intelligence of the graduate students. Certainly we are fortunate to have such high quality students and instructors. I was able to learn some very useful new concepts in the seminars, and found there was so much potential to go around.

Hon. Dr Douglass Capogorssi with Prof Dr Harwindar Singh and the MBA students.

I was pleased with the opportunities to spend time with the Akamai participants and other EDS students. They seem full of the greatest sense of humor and interesting stories about life. My wife, Fely and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and were happy to gather once again with our old friends....

Hon. Dr Douglass with EDS Senior Management Team, Mr Kenny Lee, Ms. LK Tan and Prof Dr Ben Lee.   

The EDS team again was able to shine in their usual brilliant manner and were very helpful to everyone.I wanted to thank Dr. Ben Lee and the EDS team for providing opportunities for all of us to gather and renew our friendships. I hope to visit again with you all later this year.

May you all be blessed,

Dr. Douglass Capogrossi
Akamai University.

News by EDS Team @ 30 March 2014 

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Venerable Buddhist Monks and Nuns from Vietnam Attended Our MBA & PhD Program.

We are honoured to have fourteen venerable Buddhist Monks and Nuns led by His Holiness Tran Van Anh, the Chief Monk, to join the EDS International Residential MBA and PhD in Management Programs, which held in King Park Avenue Hotel, Bangkok on 15 - 21 March 2014.

We admire their determination for continuous life long learning and their trust in EDS Business School for providing the quality education.

His Holiness Tran Van Anh, the Chief Monk congratulate Master Tu Thanh Dat for successfully defense his PhD dissertation.

His Holiness Tran Van Anh and his fellow monks and nuns was having discussion with Prof Dr Ben Lee, the President and Founder of EDS Business School.

His Holiness Tran Van Anh and his fellow monks and nuns with EDS Senior Lecturers, Dr Andrew Jebamani and Dr Balakrishnan.

MBA class in progress.

Students having discussion on case study and brain storming during the PhD in Management class.

His Holiness Tran Van Anh together with the Viva examiners congratulated Master Tu Thanh Dat for successfully defended his PhD dissertation

News by EDS Team @ 30 March 2014 

You are welcome to contact EDS Team at +604-3984306 or email at for more information about our International Residential MBA and DBA/PhD in Management Programs, or interest to be our Students Recruitment Representative in your City.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Testimonial by Professor Dr. Nelson T. Binag


Prof Dr Nelson T. Binag and spouse together with EDS Faculty and Management Team have a great outing at Suan Luang Rama 9 PARK in Bangkok during the Residential study break on 19 March 2014. Suan Luang Park is the largest public park in Bangkok.

The residential study of the EDS Business School held in Bangkok, Thailand at Kings Park Avenue Hotel near the Seacon Square Mall was so admirable and remarkable. It has a special touch of global assemblage of professors and graduate students taking their master’s and doctorate degrees in Business Administration as well as Educational Management. They came from Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, United States of America, and China.

Group photo with DS Management Team, Distinguished Guests, Faculty and Students at EDS International Residential MBA and PhD Study Session taken on 15 March 2014, King Park Avenue Hotel, Bangkok. 

The Kings Park Avenue Hotel is a very ideal venue in holding the residential studies of EDS, considering its magnificent culinary services, variegated cuisines and also very clean entrance hall, guest rooms, assembly rooms, lavatories and hallways, the hotel’s personnel are so friendly, respectful and attend to the needs of their guest-visitors. 

Known for its residential seminar type and on-line support and training in Business Administration, Management and Educational Management, the EDS Business School with its comprehensive approach in graduate education in tandem with the Akamai University, Hilo, Hawai, USA and Ifugao State University, Ifugao, Philippines will reach out and succeed in touching or getting professionals not only in Asia but also in the Pacific, especially in the ASEAN Countries to provide quality and excellence in education.

EDS under the value-adding leadership of Prof. Dr. Ben Lee will prosper to become one of the executive development schools in the world known for its quality approaches to training and professional advancement.

Long Live EDS and all the best!

President Emeritus, Sultan Kudarat State University, Philippines
Past President, International Distance Education Accreditation League

News by EDS Team @ 29 March 2014 

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

EURO COLLEGE, one of the fastest growing and reputable private universities in Macedonia

Heartiest Congratulation to EURO COLLEGE, Kumanovo, one of the fastest growing and reputable private universities in Macedonia at the Shanghai Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) Rankings. Euro College is one of the EDS educational partner from Europe.

The 2013-14 Ranking of Macedonian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) was commissioned by Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Macedonia in 2013 and released on February 25, 2014. Twenty qualified HEIs were included in the ranking. The ranking used 21 indicators of academic performance and competitiveness, covering major mission aspects of HEIs such as teaching, research and social service. The ranking is expected to contribute to the transparency of quality and efficiency of Macedonian HEIs.

Euro College has received an official decision for accreditation from the Board of Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia and permanent licence from the Ministry of Education to deliver course in BA and MBA. The full name of the institution is: HIGHER EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTION FOR BUSINESS STUDIES EURO COLLEGE. 

For further details of the Macedonian universities at Shanghai Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) Rankings, please visit the LINK and know more about Euro College at their WEBSITE .

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Akamai University Has Been Accredited By ASIC UK.


Please be informed Akamai University has been accredited by ASIC UK ( and being awarded with the Premier University Status for commendable grades in the following areas of operation:

• A. Premises and Health and Safety 
• B. Management and Staff Resources 
• C. Learning and Teaching; Course Delivery 
• D. Quality Assurance and Enhancement 
• G. Marketing and Student Recruitment

ASIC is an approved accrediting body in UK and is a member of the British Quality Foundation (BQF), sits on the Quality Standards Group of UK NARIC. ASIC is also one of a number of international accrediting bodies listed in the international directory by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in the USA and is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG).

ASIC accreditation gives reassurance to potential students, their parents and education representatives that the operation of their chosen college conforms with relevant United Kingdom laws and offers genuine courses, which are delivered to appropriate standards with acceptable quality, and which lead to recognized qualifications with international standards.

ASIC Accreditation also provides reassurance to the Border and Immigration Agency (Home Office) that the college meets their requirements for overseas students and, in general, does not harm the perceived quality of the United Kingdom education provision.

Akamai University Listing in Hawaii Government Official Website as a Graduate Institution