Sunday, March 30, 2014

Testimonial Regarding EDS International Residential Study in Bangkok by Hon. Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, President of Akamai University.

Hon. Dr Douglass Capogrossi with EDS/Akamai Senior Faculty, Prof Dr Premkumar, Prof Dr Karling and Prof Dr Harwindar Singh at the Welcoming Dinner on 15 March 2014 at King Park Avenue Hotel, Bangkok. 

The gathering of educators and graduate students at King Park Avenue Hotel in Bangkokfrom 15 to 20 March proved an outstanding success, to say the very least.

The Welcoming Dinner acknowledged the achievements of University leaders from USA, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. I enjoyed the smiles on the faces of my friends: Dr. Serafin Ngohayon, Dr. Nelson Binag, Prof Dr. Premkumar Rajagopal, Dr. Harwindar Singh, Dr. Ben Lee, Prof Dr Le Minh Chieu, Dr. Pham Quoc Luyen, Dr. Lee Karling, Dr Balakrishnan Muniapan, and Dr. Andrew Jebamani, and the many other guests in attendance.

The student in attendance genuinely appeared to be enjoying the dinner gathering and the presentations of the honored guests. I was proud to be able to take the opportunity to announce the appointment of Dr. Ben Lee, as the Akamai University Vice President for Asia Business and Education Programs.

Hon. Dr Douglass Capogrossi announce the appointment of Prof Dr. Ben Lee, as the Akamai University Vice President for Asia Business and Education Programs. 

I was fortunate to spend time observing the EDS seminar classes and was highly impressed, across the board, with the quality of the instructors and intelligence of the graduate students. Certainly we are fortunate to have such high quality students and instructors. I was able to learn some very useful new concepts in the seminars, and found there was so much potential to go around.

Hon. Dr Douglass Capogorssi with Prof Dr Harwindar Singh and the MBA students.

I was pleased with the opportunities to spend time with the Akamai participants and other EDS students. They seem full of the greatest sense of humor and interesting stories about life. My wife, Fely and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and were happy to gather once again with our old friends....

Hon. Dr Douglass with EDS Senior Management Team, Mr Kenny Lee, Ms. LK Tan and Prof Dr Ben Lee.   

The EDS team again was able to shine in their usual brilliant manner and were very helpful to everyone.I wanted to thank Dr. Ben Lee and the EDS team for providing opportunities for all of us to gather and renew our friendships. I hope to visit again with you all later this year.

May you all be blessed,

Dr. Douglass Capogrossi
Akamai University.

News by EDS Team @ 30 March 2014 

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