Monday, September 7, 2015

Testimony by Prof. Dr. Arivalan, Senior Faculty, EDS Business School.

I started to lecture for EDS IN 2004 at Penang for one of its residential program form MBA. The first module was Customer Relations Management at Vistana Hotel Penang. Before the lecture I was briefed by Founder and President of EDS, honorable Dato. Dr. Ben Lee on the importance of providing emphasis on experiential learning with emphasis on practical real business based activities. Furthermore, I was briefed that the students should be able to apply the lesson learned in the challenging business environment. Accordingly, I customized the lecture, activities, case studies and role play accordingly. We received a very good feedback from the students after the class. Since then, I became one of the few handpicked lecturer for EDS Business School.

In year 2008, EDS has made a giant leap in offering DBA programs for the students from Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and also few other countries. To cater for the students, Dato. Dr. Ben Lee, the Founder of EDS Business School generously offered me the scholarships to pursue the Doctoral programs in Philippine universities. I was one of the fortunate one to obtain the offer from EDS.

Based on the EDS’s philosophy “Teach the Future Today” to enrich its faculty members with higher qualification, I completed my DBA from Southern Luzon Sate University of Philippines. Upon completing from the one of the prestigious State Universities from Philippines, my life has changed drastically. As a full time corporate trainer, many companies, locally and internationally started to invite me to conduct training sessions for their respective clients. My personal income has improved and most importantly, I was able to let go my fulltime job as a lecturer. It was unimaginable, express the feeling of a fulltime job and becoming an independent entrepreneur. In addition to that, my social image improved as well. My family members and friends started look high upon my academic achievements. They are felt proud when I was addressed as doctor by some outside friends and former students who have attended my trainings.

I am writing this testimony as a gratitude to EDS Founder President, Dato. Dr. Ben Lee who has became the very reason for me to achieve high social standings in my training business world and personal life. This testimony also can be an evidence for the EDS students who are pursuing their MBA, DBA and PhD to strive their best to achieve higher qualifications through EDS’s experienced, handpicked lecturers to obtain their giant leap in their business and social lives.

Another good news for me and also for EDS is that, I have successfully completed my second doctoral program, PhD from University Science Malaysia (USM), Penang. USM is one of the top university in Malaysia, recognized as the only APEX university by the Malaysian government. There are another four EDS faculty members are also the PhD holder from this university. With the above information, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Dato. Dr. Ben Lee, all other EDS team members who directly and indirectly help to make things happen.

The words penned above simply not enough for me to express my heartfelt gratitude that I have for Dato.Dr.Ben Lee and the EDS team. Now I am indeed very glad to become part of EDS family. I shall pray for its continuous growth with its philosophy to teach the future.

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6 September 2015

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Shawn Deny said...

We received a very good feedback from the students after the class. Since then, I became one of the few handpicked lecturer for EDS Business School.