Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Why is the continuous learning of an entrepreneur considered as CSR ?

Self Achievement


As a leader, continuous learning ensures entrepreneurs are always in touch with the latest management knowledge and skills in order to make the most strategic decision for the company. At the same time, such effort is a good example to lead a team and to encourage the team to continuously learn and upgrade themselves.

Bringing the organization to a higher level


With the knowledge and network gained through the process of learning, entrepreneurs will be able to master the 5W1H to overcome challenges faced in the organization and bring the organization to a higher level without much hassle.

Benefiting the society


A healthy organization will always have the resources and manpower to contribute to the society. Apart from that,a healthy organization will also have high productivity that generates higher tax for the nation, which directly contribute to the nation's economy and development.


In short, when an entrepreneur chooses to continue learning in the right direction, transformation is near.

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