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EDS Alumni Hold Gala Dinner Event on EDS 8th Anniversary

EDS Alumni Hold Gala Dinner Event on EDS 8th Anniversary

On the evening of 6 November 2010, alumni of the EDS Business School presented a fabulous gala dinner event at the Bukit Jambul Country Club on Penang Island, Malaysia, in honor of the 8th Anniversary of the founding of the EDS Business School. More than 100 alumni, students, faculty, and honored guests were in attendance from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, and Philippines.

This momentous occasion was also honored with the kind present of Honorable Phee Boon Poh, the Penang State Executive Councilor in charge of Health and Welfare, Caring Society and Environment, Honorable Koay Teng Hai, the Penang State Assemblyman and Professor Dr. Douglass L. Capogrossi, President of International Distance Education Accreditation League, Philippines.

The Alumni Event Organizing Committee included Mr. Lim Soong Hooi, the organizing chairman and assist by YS Lee, Yap Weng Seng and Francis Chen. YS Lee served as the Master of Ceremonies, providing spirited introductions of the honored speakers.

Dr. Pete Ooi, Chief Operating Officer of EDS Business School provided a joyous introduction of the EDS founder, Dr. Ben Lee.

Dr. Ben Lee spoke about the founding and success of EDS over the past eight years of operation. He stated that the five founding objectives of the EDS were the reasons EDS has experienced such great success as an international award winning education provider. Dr. Lee explained that his development of the EDS model relied upon five primary objectives: transformation the students; taking good care of the EDS lecturers; taking good care of the EDS staff team; maintaining good relationships with the EDS partner universities; and always putting program quality ahead of concern for profits.

In closing, Dr. Lee thanked everyone for their enduring trust, guidance and contributions to the advancement of the EDS program. He pledged on behalf of the entire EDS family to stay on the path toward quality and success, adding value to the educational programs.

Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, President of the International Distance Education Accreditation League, Philippines, and President of Akamai University, Hawaii, USA spoke about his experience with EDS since first visiting Malaysia back in 2003. Dr. Capogrossi stated that over the years he has been most impressed with the quality and energy of the EDS training programs, and the concern EDS held for the growth and development of the students as individuals. Dr. Capogrossi mentioned that through his association with EDS Business School, Akamai University was able to expand its mission through many new friendships and partnerships, which have resulted as a consequence.

Dr. Capogrossi remarked that the content of the EDS programs can be compared, element-for-element with top-level programs in America, Australia, and elsewhere in Asia. The delivery of the EDS programs excels above those delivered elsewhere because of the opportunities provided to students for exchange of ideas with quality faculty and fellow students, because of the cross-border networking opportunities provided to the students, and because of the study-tours to industry, and the very beautiful multi-cultural setting of Penang Island.

Honorable Phee Boon Poh, the Penang State Executive Councilor in charge of Health and Welfare, Caring Society and Environment spoke about Dr. Ben Lee’s great achievements in the field of executive training through development of EDS Business School. Honorable Phee Boon Poh also brought to remembrance Dr. Ben Lee’s community service contributions to the Penang community, Malaysia, and the wider Asia-Pacific Region.

Dr. Pete Ooi provided a summary of the major accomplishments of EDS over the years, showing its initiation of training programs, expansion to Vietnam, China and Philippines. Dr Ooi highlighted a number of the more important awards given to EDS over the years, including the Best B-School Award

The audience was entertained by a very unique local singing group, B-Voice, seven very talented young women.

Vietnamese students provided a rousing presentation of cultural songs from Vietnam, and the audience was encouraged to sing along. Songs were welcome to Vietnam.

Malaysia students and alumni also took the stage, with a rousing singing presentation of Rasa Sayang and Cantonese song “pang yeow” mean Friendship.
In his closing remarks, Dr. Ben Lee reflected upon the past eight years and the hard work of establishing an outstanding EDS organization and his joy in having the hard work rewarded many times with high level awards and commendations from associations and universities.
In looking to the future, Dr. Lee stated that EDS will continue to build an outstanding team of staff and lecturers, find even more effective ways to transform students, improve programs, and expand or partnerships. Dr. Lee stated that EDS shall continue to use Penang as a platform from where to transform working professionals, help them to learn the future today, and develop their global networking. Over the next year, Dr Lee stated, EDS plans to have more residential students from China, Indonesia, India, and Eastern Europe and perhaps, expand to Latin America, especially Brazil and Chile.

The Vietnamese students motivated the entire audience to be on their feet in a ring of hand-in-hand, with the entire audience circling the room while singing Friends with great joy and happiness.
All in attendance had a great time, indeed!

News by EDS Team @ 14 November 2010.

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