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Ifugao & Akamai Dual DBA & PhD Program

Earn 2 Degrees at 1 Fee
(Offer for the first 50 successful applicants)

Dual DBA and PhD in Management Program

Doctor of Business Administration
awarded by:

Ifugao State University
Ifugao Province, Philippines
A Philippines government funded public university establish in 1920
Website: http://www.ifsu.edu.ph/

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management
awarded by:

Akamai University
Hawaii, United States of America

A private non-profit university established in 2002
Website: http://www.akamaiuniversity.us/

EDS Business School, Malaysia, an international award winning executive development school, is proud to offer the Dual DBA and PhD in Management program. Participants in the Dual DBA and PhD program will graduate with two degrees: DBA from Ifugao State University (IFSU), Philippines, and PhD in Management from Akamai University (AU), Hawaii, USA.

The collaborative Akamai University, USA, and Ifugao State University programs combine three key elements of success for business, academic, and nonprofit executives, facing the ever-changing competitive global environment:

• The traditions of academic excellence of Ifugao State University, founded in 1920.
• The strength of Akamai University's recognized leadership in contemporary cross-border education and practical non-traditional executive open learning programs, and
• The award-winning support of EDS Business School's world-class faculty team who offer a blend of academic excellence, rigorous scholarship, real-world relevance, and practical application that provides learners with unparalleled opportunities to expand their horizons.

The Advantages of a Dual Degree Program
Globalization has changed the career market forever. People are increasingly being employed to work anywhere in the world, requiring international competencies, familiarity with global markets, and a capacity to function in a cross-cultural global community. Graduates with the dual DBA and PhD in Management degrees from Asia and USA will have these great advantages.
By earning two complementary degrees, and associating with educators from three different nations, students shall gain access to an expansive network of business contacts and colleagues, and an exposure to a wide array of potential employers. These opportunities will permit students to more effectively tailor their educational experience toward their unique career objectives.

For details of the Dual DBA and PhD in Management program, kindly visit IFSU DBA at http://eds2u.blogspot.com/2010/12/doctor-of-business-administration.html, and AU PhD in Management at http://eds2u.blogspot.com/2010/12/doctor-of-philosophy-phd-in-management.html

There are great career advantages for business professional in pursuing a combined DBA and PhD in Management. These advantages rest primarily upon the professional strengths they attain as a graduate, in both knowledge and skills, which provide a real competitive advantage, and also the improved capacity for graduates to make truly meaningful contributions to the field of management, as their career progresses.

The DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) program is designed to support experienced business professionals who have already achieved a Master’s degree or equivalent, and would like to empower their career with an additional advanced degree in Business Administration. The DBA program is designed for experienced business professionals who want to translate their industry expertise into leadership positions as consultants or as executives within their organizations. The DBA is developed with insights from experienced world-class faculty members and leading business practitioners. The program emphasizes advanced decision-making and leadership skills, in-depth knowledge of both theory and applied research, and the ability to manage positive social and organizational change.

The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Management program is designed for transitioning business practitioners and is focused on advancing participants at the theoretical and research side, expanding their capabilities as business professionals to the greatest extent possible. The biggest benefit of obtaining the PhD in Management, in addition to the DBA, is the advantage professionals will have over many others by having completed that last step in earning a true doctoral degree.

According to a survey by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median average salary of a CEO was greater than $140,000 (USD). There is quite a lot of competition among professionals for these high-paying jobs. Professionals with DBA degrees are quite common in this, the 21st Century, and having a true doctoral degree (PhD) will give a definite advantage over others seeking top positions. As business professionals further their education at the doctoral level, a combined DBA and PhD in Management will aid in helping these business leaders stand out among other business professionals, taking their careers to newer and greater heights of achievement. The combines degree program is a gold-level achievement, whereas, the DBA or PhD alone is but a silver-level accomplishment.

IFSU DBA Application Form >>> Click Here
Akamai PhD in Management Application Form >>> Click Here

In cooperation with Akamai University and Ifugao State University, EDS Business School is offering a special tuition fee for the first 50 applicants who successfully enroll in the Dual DBA and PhD in Management Program.

The Dual DBA and PhD tuition fee is US$9,900 on full payment upon registration; and it is US$10,500 if paid by two installments. Students who opt for the two-payment plan must make their second payment of the balance in full before attending the 2nd residential studies in Penang, Malaysia.

DBA/PhD Major Courses – Residential Fees
DBA/PhD students whose Master degree not relate to business or management studies required to attend two residential studies in Penang. Each residential session consist of 6 days of studies and 1 day of field studies. The fee for each residential is USD690 for twin-sharing accommodation and USD860 for single occupancy accommodation.

DBA/PhD Core Courses – Residential Fees
For the Core Courses participants required to attend one residential study in Penang, Malaysia. This residential session consist of 6 days of studies and 1 day of field studies, and the fee is USD690 for twin-sharing accommodation and USD860 for single occupancy accommodation.

DBA/PhD Research Preparation – Residential Fees
For the Research Preparation Courses participants required to attend one residential study in Penang, Malaysia. This residential session consists of 7 days of studies, and the fee is USD690 for twin-sharing accommodation and USD860 for single occupancy accommodation.

Viva Fees
DBA/PhD candidate are require to pay USD450 Viva Fees upon completion of the dissertation and before the Oral Review of Dissertation.

For further information, kindly contact:


Main Campus, Nayon, Lamut, 3605 Ifugao, Philippines
Tel: +63917-5782362
Email: sngohayon@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.ifsu.edu.ph/

187 Kino`ole Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720 USA
Tel: 1 (808) 934-8793 (International)
Fax: 1 (808) 443-0445 (International)
Email: dcapogrossi@akamaiuniversity.us
Website: http://www.akamaiuniversity.us/

48 Lorong Kurau 17, Chai Leng Park,
13700 Prai, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-398-4306 Fax: +604-3909766
Email: eds.biz.school@gmail.com
Website: http://www.eds2u.blogspot.com/

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