Friday, October 21, 2011

Announcement: EDS 2012 Convocation

Announcement of 2012 Convocation
and 10 Years Anniversary Celebration
Monday, 12 March 2012

We are so proud to officially announce the schedule for our EDS Business School 2012 Graduation Ceremony to he held at Vistana Hotel, Penang, Malaysia, on Monday, 12 March 2012. This grand convocation will be celebrated in conjunction with the EDS Business School 10 Years Anniversary.

2.00pm: EDS Graduation Ceremony
6.00pm: EDS Tenth Year Anniversary & Graduation Gala Dinner

Over the past ten years, the triumphant journey of EDS Business School has been both challenging and encouraging. Since 2002, EDS rapidly became the premier training and executive development agency in the Asia-Pacific Region, satisfying a rapidly growing demand for skills development training among academia, business leaders, professionals, engineers, and executives.

EDS has initiated formal training associations with universities and colleges in the Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Ghana and the USA. Further, EDS served as the catalyst in the establishment of an international open learning consortium in the Philippines, bringing higher learning institutions into cooperation, expanding access to educational opportunities, providing for capacity-building, and upgrading university and college teaching faculties toward earning higher academic qualifications. /

While development and expansion has not been an easy task, we are proud of our excellence in executive training and global networking. Our diverse recognition and numerous awards received have provided the motivation necessary to catapult us to greater achievements.

The most astonishing achievement of EDS Business School has been the establishment of our world class training team. The EDS executive trainers are at the top of their field, mentors, both expert trainers and practitioners at the top of their field.

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