Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alumni Achievement Awards

TO: All EDS Alumni / Graduate,

Nomination for EDS Alumni Achievement Award

A blissful and fruitful Year 2012!

May we cordially invite you to be our distinguished participants in the grand celebration of the EDS 10th Foundation Anniversary especially during its Graduation Ceremony on 12 March 2012.

In conjunction with this momentous occasion, various special awards will be bestowed to individuals who made our EDS Business School of what it is today. One of the distinguished awards is the EDS Business School Alumni Achievement Award (EDS Triple A) which is conferred to the EDS graduates/alumni who have moved up in their respective careers or have transformed themselves in their chosen professions after earning the MBA or DBA degrees from EDS Business School.

Corollary, with the conferment of said Award may we request you to comply with the following important stipulations:

...1. Filling-up of the EDS Alumni Achievement Award Form to quantify your career achievements.
...2. The Award Recipients will be conferred with the Plaque and Certificate of Achievements.
...3. The Award Recipients will be invited and be present during 12 March 2012 Convocation to receive said Award.
...4. Attendance is imperative and compulsory.
...5. The Award Recipients are asked to pay a small USD280 fee to help cover the rental of the Alumni Gown, three (3) photographs (full pose, half pose and group photo). In addition Award Recipients will be given one (1) free guest ticket to witness the Graduation Ceremony and Award Presentation and two (2) free tickets to the EDS 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner Celebration.

May we anticipate your esteemed presence in this significant event and share collectively in the joys and triumph of the EDS Alumni.

Best regards and cheers!

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Dr. Ben Lee
EDS Business School

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