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Prof. Dr. Douglass Capogrossi speech at EDS 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner Celebration

Prof. Dr. Douglass Capogrossi speech at EDS 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner Celebration on 12 March 2012 at Vistana Hotel, Penang, Malaysia.

Good evening honored guests, business and education leaders, EDS faculty, students, and alumni.

I am so pleased to be here again in Penang to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of EDS Business School.

I have been associated with EDS and Dr. Ben Lee for nearly ten years. At a time when I was myself addressing the challenges of the founding of Akamai University in Hawaii, USA, during the later months of 2002, I was exploring with the founding members of the Akamai Board the selection of educational affiliations to pursue in Africa, Europe and Asia. One evening at my home, I received a curious telephone contact from a gentleman, Ben Lee, asking for an opportunity to discuss the potential for an affiliation. That was the start of a long series of adventures and the establishment of a number of very powerful associations. Dr. Lee invited me to travel to Malaysia and experience first- hand, the quality of his executive development seminars.

This was a very difficult decision for me, since I had never been to Malaysia, and as a white American man, many of my colleagues cautioned me about making the trip.

Traveling to Malaysia in 2003 to visit the EDS training conference was far more beneficial to me and Akamai University than I could have ever imagined. What I found was a dynamic community of educators, excellent support staff, and an array of students who were genuine leaders from the corporate and business field and NGOs from Malaysia, Vietnam, and other nations in Southeast Asia. These were all quality people who helped to open my eyes and to open my mind about what Akamai University could contribute in partnership with EDS Business School in Asia. Shortly after that first trip to Malaysia, Akamai and EDS began our work together.

Since we began our collaboration, I have personally observed the EDS Team instruct business programs for more than 3,000 students from Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, China and other Southeast Asia nations.

Our organizations have worked together in the creation of world-class programs, namely-- MBA, MBA in HRM, DBA, PhD in Management, and PhD in Educational Leadership. Follow up studies related to the success of the graduates of these programs have revealed that employers find our EDS/Akamai graduates to be well prepared and strong contributors within the workplace, as demonstrated by the numerous promotions of our graduates in recent years.

Together, EDS and Akamai conceived and delivered the International University Leadership Colloquium during 2009 and 2010 bringing more than 100 senior university leaders from ten nations into contact and collaboration.

Further, on a number of occasions, EDS has provided training for PASUC - the Philippines Association of State Universities and Colleges. This success opened EDS to a greater number of friendships and associations among leaders at Philippines universities and colleges, and some of those education leaders are with us here tonight.

As a further result of our associations in Philippines, together with a number of education leaders from the Philippines, Malaysia, USA, Bangladesh, and Macedonia we were able to conceive a grand adventure called the International Distance Education Accreditation League, an innovative international accrediting group for distance education and cross-border higher education. Through these many accomplishments, EDS has shown itself worthy of the great number of training awards it has received since 2004, for quality educational leadership.

My walk with EDS and Dr. Ben Lee has been a long one and at the time of their tenth anniversary, it is my sincere hope that Akamai University has contributed as much value to EDS and we have received from them. It is my wish, on behalf of all of those here with us today, that the EDS Business School continues to even greater heights over its next ten years.
Best wishes to EDS and best wishes to you all…… Thank you.

News by EDS Team @ 18 March 2012.

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