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Testimonial by Dr. Sue Lim, EDS Senior Faculty for earning the Ifugao State University’s DBA degree.

A Journey of Persistence, Ridicule and Triumph
By Professor Dr Sue Lim

Congratulation to Dr Sue Lim! You have made it. Cheers!

After having worked for more than 20 years as a human resources practitioner in 4 big multinational organizations, I finally took the bold step of leaving the comforts of a secured job and ventured into the risky world of being on ‘my own boss’.

Two years after I started to work with EDS, its President, Professor Dato Dr. Ben Lee began to encourage me to purse Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program. I did not see any immediate need to take up a new pursuit as I was fairing very well professionally with just possessing my MBA. Regardless of any valid excuse I bothered to give, Dr. Ben Lee relentlessly raised the issue each time I came to support the MBA class in Penang or whenever we had face to face interaction either in Malaysia or Vietnam. He was persistent as much as I was recalcitrant. One has to give high credit to Dr. Ben for not accepting no as a good answer for something he feels right as he managed to make me realized the importance of pursuing the DBA to acquire new sets of knowledge and to cultivate a research mindset.

Reflecting back now, I wish I had accepted his wise counsel earlier for the following reasons. The journey of doing my Ifugao State University’s DBA was plagued with moments of ridicule initially by my dear supervisor, Prof. Dr. Arivalan, who uttered that he was going to tolerate the haphazard way I presented my below DBA - standard first chapter. With his brilliant guidance, I managed to complete the remaining chapters with relative ease. Prof. Dr. Arivalan taught me the importance of ‘clearing the right path as an enabler to achieving result’ while I learned from Dr. Ben Lee the actual application of sense of persistence.

Happy Moment! Dr. Sue Lim with fellow DBA/PhD graduates.

Equally important was the discovery that one can still learn a lot from passionate teachers who share with and from their heart. Passionate teachers do not just hail from overseas reputable institutions of higher learning; many of them come from university of hard knocks where they lead you to the path of real results. EDS can proudly claim to have this breed of teachers, kudos to Br. Ben Lee for the unique ability in identifying them and retaining them. Despite having many years of working experience, I have been greatly enlightened by the additional new knowledge which I am sharing with fellow learners to add higher value.

Last, but not least, it taught me to be humble that when one opens the mind and be ready to learn , there are many ready teachers around. I am so pleased that I have obtained my DBA and am keenly looking forward to many more years of meaningful contribution to the human capital development in Malaysia and abroad. Long live EDS, its dynamic president Prof. Dato Dr. Ben Lee for enabling me to successfully complete the doctorate.

Dr Sue Lim having group photo with the EDS Residential MBA students in Penang, Malaysia.

I would strongly recommend the EDS MBA and DBA/.PhD programs to anyone anywhere who is seeking to learn from passionate facilitators who so freely dispense their wisdom and invaluable life experience. It is the one of those rare places where one shares, contributes and learns simultaneously.

Warmest regards,

Ms. Sue Lim
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
30 March 2012

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