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Professional Advanced Management Program

Tuition Free” International Residential

Advanced Management Program
New Idea, New Breakthrough for Your Career and Organization

… open to participants from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore,
Philippines, Indonesia 
and China
to meet in
Penang, Malaysia.

Venue: B-Suite Hotel, Penang, Malaysia 
Date: 07 – 13 July, 2012   

 Distinguished Faculty:

Spend a week expanding your global business savvy through EDS International Residential Professional Management Program which incorporates a series of industry relevant seminars and study tour, and enriching business networking activities in Penang, Malaysia. You'll benefit from the expertise of the distinguished faculty and network with international executives and fellow course-mates who offer a unique view of the business community in which they live and work. You will return with a grasp of the international marketplace that only experience can impart.

 Penang has one of the largest industrial and technology hubs in Asia and is known as the Silicon Valley of the East. It has also been granted the status of Multimedia Super Corridor. Its capital, George Town was successfully listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in March 2008 where participants could appreciate and find the opportunity to see the heritage sites.

EDS International Professional Advanced Management Program includes the following activities:

07 July
: 09am – 10am, Opening Ceremony and Group Photo taking
             10am – 05pm, Seminar on Talent Management via 
                                   Strategic Talent Acquisition
             06pm – 09pm, EDS Welcome Dinner

08 July: 08am – 05pm, Seminar on Talent Management via 
                                   Strategic Talent Retention 
              07pm – 10pm: Evening outing, visit Queensbay Mall,
                                    Penang’s largest shopping mall

09 July
: 09am – 05pm, Seminar on Developing Leadership &
                                    Organizational Behavior (Part 1) 
              07pm – 09pm: Assignment Counseling Session and
                                    Enquiries on EDS Programs

10 July
: 09am – 05pm, Seminar on Organizational Behavior 
                                    (Part 2)

11 July
: 09am – 04pm, Field Study and Penang Heritage City Tour

12 July
: 10am – 05pm, Seminar on Mastering Strategic 
                                    Management Skills (Part 1) 

13 July
: 10am – 05pm, Seminar on Mastering Strategic 
                                   Management Skills (Part 2) 
              05pm – 06pm, Closing Ceremony

PROGRAM OVERVIEW                                                                

EDS BUSINESS SCHOOL has consolidated the essentials of business knowledge and latest management practices; and put them together in this tremendously vital, interactive and unique Professional Management Seminar Series for local and international participants through residential studies in Penang, Malaysia.

The EDS Professional Advanced Management Program (PAMP) not only covers the key areas of business through a series of contemporary business and advanced management seminars, but it also includes a field study of the Penang Heritage City tour and also a Welcoming cum Networking Dinner for all our residential participants.

Our training workshops include: Seminar on Talent Management via Strategic Talent Acquisition and Retention; Seminar on Developing Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Seminar on Mastering Strategic Management Skills.

Can you be an effective manager or continue to do business without the critical skills necessary for success? This exclusive program will provide you with the fundamentals of business—practical skills you can use immediately in the "real world". The essentials of managing a business have been condensed into this 6-day PAMP Program.

On successful completion of this program, course members will be able to:
      • To build a strong foundation in management, strategy positioning
        and leadership to build a world class company,
      • To learn how to align the business functions with long-term
        strategic objectives,
      • To learn how to manage business performance,
      • To understand the role of effective financial management to
        ensure a successful organization,
      • To learn how to manage business projects more efficiently and
      • To learn how to forecast costs and expenses accurately and
        delegate staff to maximize resources.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE                                           
This PAMP program is specifically targeted for those:
1. Working executives interested in building or refreshing critical business and management skills.
2. Entrepreneurs and business owners who need to understand and apply essential strategic business concepts.
3. Technical professionals making a transition into management positions.
4. A professionals whose training did not include business preparation (e.g., physicians, attorneys, non-profit executives and business persons who completed studies in another academic field/specialization).
5. Participants completing elements of the EDS Professional PAMP Program earn credits applicable toward the MBA and PhD in Management offered by Ifugao State University, Philippines and Akamai University, USA.

 EDS PMP PROGRAM FEE                                                          
 Participants need to pay US$690 to cover the following expenses:
  • 9 days and 8 nights of hotel accommodation in twin-sharing at
    B-Suite Hotel,
  • Breakfast and lunch during the tutorial seminar session,
  • Transport provided to and fro Penang Airport for participants,
  • Welcome dinner, • Field study - Penang Heritage City Tour,
  • Lectures guide, training materials, and stationery,
  • Certificate of Participation,
  • EDS administrative and support fees.

Spouse Are Welcome 
Participant need to pay additional US$380 to cover the following expenses for spouse:
  • Sharing room with spouse for 9 days and 8 night at B-Suite Hotel,
  • Breakfast and lunch,
  • Transport provided to and fro Penang Airport for spouse,
  • Welcoming dinner and fellowship night,
  • Field study and Penang Heritage City Tour

EDS CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT                                    
EDS Certificate of Achievement in Professional Advanced Management Program will be awarded upon fulfilling the following conditions:
·      Participants must attend each module in a punctual manner, remain in 
     attendance for the full duration of each module, dress appropriately 
     (short pants and slippers not permitted), and comply with the directions 
     and expectations of the instructor during each session.
This Certificate will be evidence of your personal and professional development.


The EDS Professional Advanced Management Program is consisting of the following:
(Facilitated by: Prof. Dr. Lee Karling)

Sat & Sun, 07 – 08 July 2012 

2 Days Advanced Seminar on   
Talent Management via Strategic Talent Acquisition and Retention 

The phrase ‘the war for talent’ was devised by McKinsey and Company in 1997, and has today become a buzz word for progressive organizations keen on building, maintaining, and enhancing their pool of talented and high achieving employees. Over the next 20 years, the biggest challenge for these progressive organizations would be on how to attract, retain, build, and improve these talents to drive organization performance. Unfortunately, although talk is rife, reality is totally different.
Many organizations are still unprepared to invest (financially, generally, but also mentally) in activities that are necessary to nurture and groom these top performers to go beyond their limitations. Some organizations opined that just merely pumping in money to buy talent would be adequate, and go into shock when the talents purchased falls flat on expectations!
What went wrong?

 This workshop will provide information and strategies required to attract, build, retain, and enhance existing talent to move them to a higher level so to ensure continuous performance at the highest possible level. However, it MUST be understood that talent management is NOT the sole responsibility of HR, but, for Talent management to be effective, ALL line management must be held accountable.

Delivery Methodologies: Lecture, group discussions, hands-on analyses

Course Objectives:
At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:
     1. Provide information on what talent management is and the
         reasons for organizations to focus on talent management
     2. Know the areas required for effective talent management
     3. Have In-depth awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the
        strategies available for ensuring effective talent management
        based on the key areas
     4. Appreciate the value and importance of employer branding in
         winning the war for talent

 Mon & Tue: 9 – 10 July 2012 
 2 Days Advanced Seminar on 
 Leadership and Organizational Behavior 
 (Facilitated by: Prof. Dr. Serafin Ngohayon)
Human resources comprise the most important element of an organization since it is the people within that make the organization run, perform and achieve its goals.  The increase or loss of capital resources, the maximum utilization or destruction of the equipments or material resources and the maximum use or disuse of technology are all dependent on the people managing/ handling them. The direction of the organization is determined and delivered by the navigators of the organization- the people assets.

Hence, the task of the leader/manager is to harness the potential of each and every member of the organization, to elicit dedication and commitment among them, and to guide or lead them to desired goals. The direct relation of employee performance and motivation has well been proven, as seen when well-motivated employees bring the organization to success while the reverse, its doom. To emerging leaders, the knowledge, understanding and the implementation of the dynamics of human behavior will ensure the success of an organization, business or even personal undertakings.

This course covers the entire dynamics of human behavior in organization. Specifically, it will tackle how human behaviors are formed, exhibited and how they impact on the overall performance of an organization as it strives to reach its desired state. Employee motivation, theories and models of motivation will be discussed vis-à-vis the organization’s development direction. Leadership and supervisory behavior will be expounded as the main catalyst of an organization’s development. Organizational Development as a holistic tool of instituting development initiatives in an organization by harnessing the behavior of people will be highlighted to challenge students, leaders and would be leaders to give importance on human behavior in organization.

Course Objectives: 
At the end of the course, the students should have:
   1. Gained a deeper and wider understanding on the dynamics of
       human behavior in organizations;
   2. Known and internalized how human behavior in organizations are
       shaped and influenced by the factors within the organization and
       vice versa;
   3. Improved their knowledge, skills and competence as leaders
       Human resources comprise the most important element of an
       organization since it is the people within that make the
       organization run, perform and achieve its goals.

Sat & Sun: 12 & 13 July 2012 
2 Days Advanced Seminar on 
Developing Strategic Management Skills for Competitive Advantage(Facilitated by: Prof. Dr. Premkumar)
This 2-day Advanced Seminar on developing Strategic Management Skills for competitive advantage is directed towards an organization's aspiration of being a world class organization in the industry in which it competes. 

 It involves redefining the vision into a world class vision, establishing a vision that will enable it to achieve its mission successfully and crafting competitive organization strategies and developing policies and plans as well as allocating it's resources efficiently to achieve it's mission. It also involves bench marking the organization against other world class organizations. 

 In a dynamic business environment that encounters both internal and external challenges, a World Class Organization is one that is prepared to create its own future and to failings which it must be prepared to deal with all the would-be consequences.

   • To re-define an organization vision in a world class vision.
   • To develop an effective mission
   • To establishing bench-marks
   • To craft effective strategies to achieve it's objectives
     of being a World Class Organization.
   • To develope effective policies and plans
   • To efficiently allocate it's resources.

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 For further information and registration, kindly contact our Official Representatives in your Country or EDS Head Office in Penang, Malaysia

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