Friday, July 6, 2012

Palawan State University Bestowed upon Dato Dr. Ben Lee the PSU Presidential Merit Medallion

Honorable Dr. Jeter Sespene, President of Palawan State University Bestowed upon Dato Dr. Ben Lee of EDS Business School the PSU Presidential Merit Medallion

The Palawan State University’s Presidential Merit Medallion is an award of distinction given by the University President in recognition of exemplary accomplishments of individuals whose dedication and support to the PSU vision and mission has been proven. The awardees deserve the award who have been personally evaluated by the President.  Akin to his person and position, the President takes a serious and personal interest in the process of evaluation.  Each year he select individuals from the PSU community whose track records of performance has brought honor to and advancement of the PSU vision, mission and goals.

Dato Dr. Ben Lee was given this medallion in recognition of his support in promoting PSU programs internationally. Through the EDS under Dato Dr Ben Lee leadership, PSU were able to have alumni from Vietnam under the MBA program. Dato Dr Ben Lee has done a lot in establishing linkages and collaborations with international institutions not to mention the forthcoming MOA with the Akamai University. All these contributions were considered by PSU President to be a measure of Dr Lee invaluable services to Palawan State University, as such Dr Lee was granted the Presidential Merit Medallion.

 News by EDS Team @ 6 July 2012.
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