Wednesday, August 7, 2013

EDS Achieved Another Global Award


The WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS 2013 prudently and wisely conferred the INNOVATIVE AWARD IN CROSS-BORDER EDUCATION to Professor Dr. Ben Lee, Founder and President of EDS Business School, held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, India on the 28th of June 2013.

The WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS 2013 as expounded is professionally steered and governed by Global Advisory Council which guides its strategic intent to a logical success. Its main focus is: “to influence the evolving culture of education and educational pedagogy with the objective of deep systematic change; to build on a vision and strategies for Higher Education Institutions; to provide exposure to latest education tools, technologies and solutions; as well as to encourage collaboration and partnership among institutions.”

Professor Dr. Ben Lee is distinctly cited for his sterling and well-known “leadership and contribution in the field of education. The position that he occupies in the fraternity is highly considered as strategic and iconic. As a thinker and doer he is recognized as a role model and a believer in change.” Due to this citation by the Jury and Council of Board Members of the WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS 2013 they recommended and conferred, respectively to Professor Dr. Ben Lee the award for Innovative Leader Award in Cross-Border Education. The award consisted of a Trophy and a Citation.

Professor Dr. Ben Lee is awarded the Innovative Leader Award in Cross-Border Education due to the fact that his own institution – the EDS Business School is very much intertwined in distance learning and cross-border education considering that its educational central point of delivery is worldwide, specifically in Asia Pacific in tandem with higher education institutions in the United States of America, Europe and the Philippines. Its student-clients come from Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Macedonia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana and other countries in Asia-Pacific.

Practical on-site learning is done where students visit world class business firms and academic institutions pertaining to germane knowledge and expert experience in organizational administration and governance. The highly knowledgeable and experienced professors of EDS provide the needed know-how and enlightenment through apposite lectures-seminars cum on-line individual and group apropos assignments related to business and academic concepts and constructs.

Professor Dr. Ben Lee no doubt, has contributed a lot in quality assurance in distance learning and cross-border education, being one of the founders of the International Distance Education Accreditation League, Inc. (IDEAL) where its main goal is for quality assurance and excellence affirmation in the academic programs and the institution as a whole. His value-added ideas have made IDEAL a truly global accrediting body.

It is not surprising therefore that Prof. Dr. Ben Lee, is one of the global awardees during the WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS 2013, where among the awardees for Education Leadership Award are the respective Ministers of Education who come from Trinidad and Tobago, Samoa, Republic of Maldives, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Botswana for Outstanding Contribution to Education as well as Presidents of Higher Education Institutions from the Philippines, Mauritius, U.S.A., Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Canada, Turkey, and other countries.

Among the Universities in Malaysia that were awarded in the WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS 2013 are the AIMST University, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Taylors University and Pendidikan Sultan Edris University.

Long live Professor Dr. Ben Lee, long live EDS! May your tribe increase. You are the best of the best in receiving an award organized for a professional cause.


Founding President, 
International Distance Education Accreditation League, Inc. (IDEAL) 
President Emeritus, Sultan Kudarat State University 
Consultant/Professor, EDS Business School 
Cellphone: +639089583837

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