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EDS One for One Scholarship

EDS One for One Scholarship 

Inspired to continue our longstanding charitable mission program, EDS Business School has decided to launch an extensive One-for-One Charitable Scholarship Award Program effective from 1st January 2016. For each full tuition enrollment in our following degree programs, we shall award one full Akamai University’s Bachelor of Education scholarship to a qualified and deserving student:

w PhD in Management by University Selangor, Malaysia
w PhD in Education by University Selangor, Malaysia
w PhD by Dissertation by Akamai University, USA
w MBA by Euro College, Macedonia
w MBA by Akamai University, USA
w M.Sc. in HR & Talent Management by Akamai University, USA
w Bachelor of Education by Akamai University, USA

Our purpose is targeted to help the needy and deserving single mothers, orphanage workers, Buddhist monks and nuns from Vietnam and other nations, and Chinese Independent High School teachers in Malaysia. Our goal isto help the scholarship recipients advance their qualifications and upgrade their career and standard of living. Scholarship recipients must promise that once they have successfully completed the degree and become financially solvent, that they will help other needy students pursue their education, as well.

Interested applicants may apply personally and submit a letter of application directly to Dato' Dr Ben Lee at

Premier Quality of Faculty at EDS Business School 

The EDS Business School has made a name for itself throughout Asia and the Pacific Region for the quality of its faculty in the conduct of executive development seminars in management, business administration, human resources, and educational leadership. The EDS faculty are highly qualified as instructors, presenting their seminars with excellence. More importantly, the EDS faculty bring to their venue many years at the top levels of their professional field.

Their student’s comment that the EDS faculty team are open to dialogue, serve as great mentors and have case studies related to the material for which they have personal experience. While the EDS students are mostly knowledgeable business leaders and corporate managers, the EDS alumni believe that the EDS seminar training program has greatly enhanced their professional thinking and skill levels, whereby they have more effective capability as a manager and are infused new vigor to progress in their careers. Alumni of EDS state that the responsibilities for the development of these personal and professional achievements are due primarily to the superior quality, background, and expertise of the EDS faculty team.

The EDS faculty are excellent, in facilitating, teaching, guiding, and mentoring their education students through the face-to-face seminar program. Bachelor of Education students comment that they were never left isolated, and that the EDS faculty make themselves available for dialogue and mentorship as they progressed through the Final Year Bachelor of Education Program.

The world class EDS faculty team for the Bachelor of Education Program include the following:

•  Prof Dr Premkumar Rajagopal, PhD (USM, Malaysia),
•  Prof Dr Lee Karling Program, PhD (USM, Malaysia)
•  Prof Dr Arivalan Ramaiyah, PhD (USM, Malaysia) DBA (SLSU, Phil)
•  Dr William Wong, Ed.D. (USM, Malaysia)
•  Dr Balakrishnan Muniapan, DBA (IFSU, Phil)
•  Dr Harwindar Singh, PhD (IFSU, Phil)
•  Prof Dr Ly Minh Chieu, PhD (IFSU, Phil), Vietnamese co-trainer
•  Dr. Tran Huu Duc, PhD in EduM (IFSU, Phil), Vietnamese co-trainer
•  Ms. Le My Chi, MBA (AU, USA), Vietnamese co-trainer

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